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South Dakota governor BLASTS Obama


Kristi Noem, the governor of the state of South Dakota, had some harsh words for Barack Obama on Thursday on Twitter.



"What a ridiculous message. Obama had 8 years, including 2 with full control of Congress. He sent our jobs to China, left our healthcare system in disarray, our foreign policy in shambles & our people divided. Instead of blaming Trump, Obama should consider what led to 2016."

 Noem is specifically referring to Obama's new book which is about to come out, entitled "A Promised Land". There's an excerpt of the book which has been made available online, which reads, in parts:

"I'm not yet ready to abandon the possibility of America."

"I wrote my book for those young people – as an invitation to bring about , through hard work, determination and a big dose of imagination, an America that finally aligns with all that is best in us."

Noem is extremely popular with the citizens of her state for her character, and her policies that align with what South Dakotans largely consider "all that is best in them."  They once even threw her an impromptu parade.



Noem has fought with other politicians tirelessly on her pro-freedom and pro-small-goverment stances. She famously had choice words regarding the current coronavirus situation, and lockdowns in which her South Dakota chose not to participate.

 "Our constitution ensures that the citizen’s right is protected. I agree with the role of our government as set forth in our state and in our national constitution. I took an oath to uphold these constitutions," Noem said.

"My role with respect to public safety is something I take very seriously. The people themselves are primarily responsible for their safety. They are the ones that are entrusted with expansive freedoms – they are free to exercise their rights to work, worship, and play – or to stay at home, or to conduct social distancing. The calls to apply a one-size-fits all approach to this problem in South Dakota is herd mentality, not leadership."


Source: Post Millennial 

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