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The Most Significant Conversation In My Life

Written by John (the other John).

John: How are you today?

Catholic Man: I am good, and you?

John: Not well at all. Our nation is falling apart, our rights are being stripped away. The political terrorist mob is in control of our systems; the government and Prosecutors turned their backs on us, and the Police are unable to protect us. I do not know what to do. But I do not want to inconvenience you with my problems, you would not understand.

Catholic Man: But I do understand; remember, I lived in Germany during the 1930’s and 1940’s under National Socialist rule. I unfortunately know all too well how it feels when the government looks upon its citizenry as an enemy.

John: I hear you. But today, people like me are the targets of the government; you on the other hand were not a target, you are Catholic, so people like you were fine in Germany. I am not fine though. I need to fight for my principles, regardless of the outcome. I cannot stand back and just observe our entire Civilization collapse.

Catholic Man: How will you do that? They are better funded, better organized, better trained, better armed; they have the support of the government and the Police. Remember, you have a family; it would be different if you had no family.

John: So do I just leave? Oh, you do not understand. I cannot be a coward. Maybe I can debate them on the merits of an argument.

Catholic Man: These people are temperamental, illogical, angry, and envious; you cannot debate with them. I remember when German soldiers used to come into our family store, no matter how wrong they may have been, we just had to apologize to them, act with humility, and act as if they were right.

John: How did you manage to control your emotions?

Catholic Man: It was about survival.

John: Perhaps I can write informative articles in the “underground” under an alias so I can educate the younger generation in regards the infiltration and insurrection by our enemies.

Catholic Man: Just remember, there are public-informants who can snitch on you and cause you problems. We had that obstacle too in Germany, so we trusted nobody. Today with big-tech being in your home eavesdropping on you 24-7, working incognito in the “underground” is much more challenging. Frighteningly, big-tech is so much more powerful than the National Socialists ever were.
They have the same goal of world domination, and they both applied the same basic early tactic of destabilizing the nation with street violence. I fear what will happen next.

John: So nowadays I cannot even act covertly. It’s like “1984”, they know my every thought.

Catholic Man: Actually, I will tell you something that only my wife knows. Neither my kids, grandkids, nor great-grandkids know this.

John: What is that?

Catholic Man: I was born Jewish.

John: Huh?

Catholic Man: Yes, I was born and raised Jewish. When the National Socialists took control of Germany, my parents knew what was coming next, so they decided for us to “convert” to Catholicism so we could be spared. Our neighbors called us cowards for having no principles; they on the other hand had principles and they never gave up their Judaism. Not too long after that, they were rounded up by the German soldiers and they forever disappeared. We can only guess on their fate.

John: I am sorry to hear that. But didn’t anybody snitch on your family?

Catholic Man: We had moved to a different City, so nobody in our new City knew of our secret. And we never told those in our original City where we were moving to; we gave them the name of another small town just in case anybody were to snitch.

John: Did any other of the Jews who you knew do the same thing?

Catholic Man: My fellow Jews had principles, and they painfully departed from this world for it; my family was told we had no principles, and we lived. Only my wife knows. I lived a long life now. I have an amazing wife of many years, great adult kids, fantastic grandchildren, and the most cuddly great grandchildren.

John: Do you think about your decision?

Catholic Man: Continuously; I often feel guilt for our decision, but it was the right thing to do. Look at my progeny, along with that of my own siblings. National Socialism came and left, but I am still here.

John: But Communism had a similar effect, but it was here for a near century.

Catholic Man: I can only speak about my own experience. Look, you have a family too. Like I said, you need to do what you have to do to survive, even if you fake obedience by performing the rituals of the tyrant du jour; it has been that way throughout human history, so this is nothing new.

John: It would be offensive to do that.

Catholic Man: I know, but here I am, alive today after nearly 90 years. I never forgot that I am Jewish, so by me merely performing Catholic rituals does not change what is in my mind and heart. And similarly, if you perform the rituals of your tyrant to prevent your persecution, that does not change who you are either. Very well, my friend, I must go. Just remember what I said, and do what you feel is best.

John: Goodbye my friend, I have a lot to think about.


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