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Viktor Orbán: George Soros is the most corrupt politician on the global scene

Billionaire financier George Soros, the most corrupt man in global politics, is now threatening Hungary and Poland, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in his regular weekly interview on national station Kossuth Rádió on Friday.

"The most corrupt man in world politics, George Soros, pays a lot of politicians, including those who now want to blackmail Hungary and Poland with EU money," Orbán said.

He added that it is not an unusual phenomenon to be able to spread a lie about Hungary unscrupulously, but Soros' claim that there is no secret ballot in some rural settlements in Hungary "goes beyond everything".

He was referring to the fact that in an op-ed article entitled "Europe must stand up to Hungary and Poland" on Project Syndicate, a website largely financed by his Open Society Foundation, Soros wrote that "Orbán exercises almost total control over the countryside, where the majority of the population lives. He controls the information they receive, and voting in many villages is not secret. There is practically no way the opposition can prevail."

Referring to Thursday's European Union summit, Orbán said that "with regard to the EU background negotiations, several solutions are possible, but the point is that the legal aspect should not be decided by policy. For example, their regular ambassadors from Hungary, tear down the fence, but the union has no right to do so, there is no regulation that can change that."

He also said that "Soros now wants a law that would force a minority to impose this on the country... We are resisting this, we have a right to do so, but Brussels has no means of enforcing this, that is what Soros's paid minions want to change now."

Orbán added that "it is not about the Union wanting to give money to poorer member states, but about a common 30-year loan with common ground. If one country falls, the other countries will have to pay their debt. Hungary can raise money even without the union, as it is creditworthy independent of Brussels."

Orban also explained why his government was left with little choice but to veto the EU's seven-year budget and the coronavirus recovery fund, with the EU's decision to tie rule of law funding to EU funding representing a threat to the sovereignty to not only Hungary and Poland but all member states of the EU.

"Neither Hungary nor Poland are withdrawing subsidies with their veto," Orbán said.

According to Viktor Orbán, Hungary will not lose its share of the joint loan of the EU."

"We can implement all the developments. Development programs will be launched in the spring, independently of Brussels," Orbán said, adding that while he was not happy about the recent loan Hungary had to take out, the financial reserve was necessary because of the EU policy debate. The new loan was also made possible by expiration of one of the country’s previous loans, he said.

Source: Remix News
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