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We cannot fight cultural Marxism with half-measures, we must make it the center of our struggle

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As violent pro-abortion protests grip the country, it is worth noting that there are some who foresaw what is happening on the streets of Poland and within our broader society. Prominent sociologist professor Anna Pawełczyńska was one of those people.

"The right to having children is being stripped away from people. This is just another cause for the current demographic low. It’s one thing to raise a child as you wish and another to do so based on a blueprint imposed by outside interest groups," Pawełczyńska said in 2014.

These young people on the streets are those who the Polish national and Christian community never successfully reached and who have taken on an entirely different value system. Vandalizing churches, using the language of mockery and attacking holy places of worship, as well as openly celebrating evil, almost certainly means a loss of connection with our national cultural code.

These people on the streets are the ones shaped by the global movement of cultural Marxism, an external force alien to the Polish nation.

Many search for fault within themselves due to a lack of an alternative attractive pop culture offering that might steer these youth back towards that which has nurtured Poland and other nations for centuries. They are right, but also wrong. The issue is much broader and deeper. It resolves around the loss of the complete loss of being able to raise future generations.

As one wise person once said, “Smartphone the Wizard showed up and stole our children.”

The "wizard" is of course a symbol of everything brought about by the cultural and technological transformation unleashed on society — so deep and pluralistic and so drowned in a mutated Western form of communism — which is destroying current mechanisms of socialization and the shaping of our youth.
 “Smartphone the Wizard showed up and stole our children.”

 This development concerns entire societies, as well as millions of ordinary families.

No one has found an answer to address this transformation. Perhaps it is too early to do so, as the great change is currently still ongoing, and we cannot see its full shape. One thing is certain: there will come a time when the West will have to react to it if it has any hope to survive. 

The current direction is, after all,  suicide on an installment plan. 

This is a process which will also destroy Polish opposition elites, the ones actively promoting it. Today, they are encouraging the revolutionary direction, hoping to reap political benefits, but they will in turn be subjected to all of this. In fact, they already are subject — even more so than conservatives — because conservatives are at least aware of the dangers.

There’s no answer, but we can formulate a conclusion:

We cannot fight this with half measures.

We cannot win through feints or hesitation.

We can only win when the issue of fighting cultural Marxism — or whatever you want to define the failure of Western culture to pass on the values to its youth that are required for survival — becomes the center of our thoughts and the center of our statehood.

This is not a call for radical policies but a call for an extreme focus from conservative policy directed at this issue. 

Fighting against cultural Marxism has no point if it is a partial fight. “A bit” of effort in this context means the same as “nothing”. If we fail to understand this, then there is no outcome but failure in Poland and the West. 

Source: Remix News

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