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Anti-literacy Laws: Then and Now

Written by John (the other John).

In the 1800’s, local and State Democrat Parties passed anti-literacy laws so they would keep people of African descent illiterate, thus they would be completely dependent on their masters for their own survival, and thus willingly remain loyal on the planation. This was a form of power legislated by the Democrats over African people by removing any form of individualism by them.

Turn the clock to the modern era, the Democrats today cannot do such blatant anti-literacy laws as it would be very obvious of their intentions. So instead, they disguise their actions by being subtle in their anti-literacy agenda. Basically, the anti-literacy curriculum today that is forced upon us by Leftists camouflages itself under the names "social justice", "grievance studies", "gender studies", etc., which are bogus areas of study that make a person completely unmarketable, unhireable, and undesirable to employers; after all, who wants to hire somebody whose specialty is to complain (they have spouses and in-laws for that). It does beg the question, why do they not instead promote (for example) STEM, finance, etc..., that will give these future adults prosperous careers. But this is intentional, so to have millions of people graduating from college being jobless. (This is applied to blacks and whites).

But these graduates being jobless is not enough for the Left; they need to rub it in deep. So on top of being unemployable, the Leftist elites encourage kids/adults to go to expensive colleges and to incur massive student loans. So now we have the toxic mix of these kids/adults majoring in unmarketable bu!!$hit majors, having no job, and graduating with huge debt, which only intensifies what their professors taught them which is to hate capitalism.

Enter the recruiters for Antifa and BLM, who have an entire aggrieved generation at their disposal who are ready, willing, and able to becoming dependent on the Democrats and becoming wards of the State by merely providing their services of joining a violent anti-everything militia. The anti-literacy laws have repackaged themselves since the 1800s, but the intent and result has not changed; power by the plantation owners, and dependency by all others.
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