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Expert: Vaccinated people can infect others

Uwe Janssens, President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), believes it is quite possible that vaccinated people could infect others with the coronavirus.

Köln - The viruses could no longer harm the vaccinated person, but they would probably still spread the virus, Janssens told RTL Nachtjournal. "That has not yet been finally clarified. Therefore, the following applies for the next few months: keep your distance, wear a face mask, even if you are vaccinated."

When asked by FDP boss Christian Lindner and others that the vaccine should be produced under license by other pharmaceutical companies, Janssens replied that it was a biotechnologically too complicated process. "I wouldn’t take any quick shots and just say we’re going to create the vaccine somewhere else," said the doctor. "I would trust that this will be carried out thoroughly. Otherwise, the first opponents of the vaccination will be back at the start and say that this is no longer the right vaccine. And then we have a huge discussion." The fact that there is already a vaccine on the market is "sensational," said the DIVI boss.

"Let's not let this be spoiled by politicians who think it should go even faster now."

Source: DerNewsticker
Photo: mago images/Reiner Zensen.
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