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Germany: Public prosecutor investigates a criminal offense based on Facebook likes and emojis

FRANKFURT / MAIN. For the first time, an authority in Germany has started an investigation into approving a criminal offense based on a "Like" in social networks. The cyber investigators of the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor's Office applied for several penal orders in connection with "Like" clicks on Facebook entries on the murder in Hanau in February this year with ten dead, reports the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Accordingly, someone in the Facebook group "Klartext - networked fatherland" commented: "As long as they ... butcher each other, everything is ok .. ;-)". 13 other users marked this entry with a "Like". A 63-year-old is now being investigated for reward and approval of criminal offenses under Section 140 of the Criminal Code.

The public prosecutors at the Central Office for Combating Internet Crime justify their approach with the functioning of social networks. In the case described, it would be a group with 28,000 members. The algorithms ensure that messages with many “likes” are more visible.

"Winking smiley" as proof
The investigators are not interested in high penalties, but in creating an awareness that “liking” inflammatory entries means reinforcing them. According to Chief Public Prosecutor Benjamin Krause, 36 such criminal proceedings have been initiated so far. According to the SZ, it is primarily about malicious comments after the attack in Hanau, such as sayings such as “a good day” or “not bad”.

In one of the penalty orders, a "winking smiley" is also interpreted negatively for the accused. Because this is a sign that the person “morally placed himself behind the perpetrator”.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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