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Germany: Security authorities are looking for almost 1,500 extremists

BERLIN. The German security authorities are currently looking for 1,456 extremists with 7,163 open arrest warrants. Of these, 5,767 open arrest warrants were issued for suspects from the religiously motivated spectrum, according to a response by the federal government to a request from AfD Bundestag member Stephan Brandner.

However, 5,279 arrest warrants against religious extremists had been issued by foreign security services. Of these, around 5,084 primarily affect people who are said to have participated in fighting in so-called jihad areas. The number of arrest warrants issued by German authorities against Islamists has increased by 132 to 488 compared to 2018.

Authorities are looking for 628 right-wing extremists
Brandner was alarmed: "The numbers are extremely worrying." He pointed out that the government knew 169 threats with open arrest warrants, 165 of whom were religiously motivated. Those who pump money into the “fight against the law” instead of devoting themselves to Islamism disregard “that we are sitting on a ticking time bomb”.

According to the answer from the CSU-led interior ministry, 628 arrest warrants against right-wing extremists have not yet been carried out. In the case of left-wing extremists, the number on September 30th was 116. None of the alleged left-wing perpetrators was wanted by a foreign authority. In eleven cases, the searches for right-wing extremists came from foreign authorities.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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