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Get Woke, Go Broke: NBA Christmas Day Ratings Tank Big Time


NBA players take a knee during National Anthem, screen image

Get woke, go broke.

NBA Christmas day ratings this year were way down compared to 2019.

Less than 4 million people watched the Lakers vs Mavericks game on Friday.

China puppet LeBron James got a win for his team against the Mavericks but Americans tuned out.

 “NBA Christmas Day ratings were off 21% from last year. NFL dunked on NBA head to head, nearly quadrupling the NBA audience,” OutKick’s Clay Travis tweeted. “To be fair, the NBA had more viewers in communist China, however.”



Last Christmas the Lakers vs Clippers game averaged around 7 million viewers.

Americans are fed up with politics in sports.

Apparently overpaid spoiled athletes kneeling during the National Anthem while shoving Marxism down their fans throats isn’t a successful strategy.


Source: Gateway Pundit 

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