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Great Moments In Women’s History

Written by John (the other John).

Recently in the US, the media said that there occurred an absolute fantastic moment in women’s history that is historically unparalleled. An American college football team named the University of Vanderbilt was graced to have a female kicker named Sarah Fuller kick the opening kickoff for the 2 nd half of play. She kicked the ball from her team’s 35 yard line all the way to the opposing team’s 35 yard line (for an astonishing kick of 30 yards; 27.43 meters). Her whole on-field time was about 3 seconds. This was hailed as a “historic” and “groundbreaking” event.

Now let us put this event into perspective. If a male kicker were to kickoff a ball for 30 yards, they would be benched, and then cut from the team. This performance by a male would be embarrassing, and they would be permanently shamed with a “scarlet letter” of outright sucking.

Which raises the question, why the “historical” praise for a female for an act that her male counterpart would be forever scorned in humiliation? For the same reason that we “ooh” and “ah” when a newborn baby farts or $hits in public, yet we frown upon an adult who does the same in public. Basically, these two sets of people are on different levels, and no amount of “newspeak” or “weasel words” will ever change science and fact.
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