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Hungary and Poland take their traditional values ​​more seriously than money

Hungary and Poland only want to recognize the existence of men and women. This contradicts the new LGBTIQ laws proposed by the EU. An opinion piece by Frank Furedi.

The EU wants to teach Hungary and Poland a lesson by forcing the recently introduced plan to “Promote Gender Equality” on both countries. The plan would mean that governments that continue to insist that there are only two genders, namely man and woman, would be charged with violating the “values” of the EU and face serious financial sanctions. This brings the EU into conflict with countries that reject this new EU sexual morality.

On November 12th, the European Commission presented its first ever EU strategy paper on the protection of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people, non-binary people, intersex people and Qeers (LGBTIQ) in Europe. This strategy is not simply aimed at protecting against discrimination. Its aim is to pass a law that "protects the rights of rainbow families so that their parenthood and same-sex partnership are recognized across the Union".

Legislation on this matter allows the Commission to claim that any government that refuses to act in accordance with this newly created law is violating the rule of law. And any nation that rejects this rule of law definition of the EU is accused of not sharing the values ​​of the EU and is automatically branded as an anti-democratic pariah state. The conflict is therefore also a lever to discipline rebellious states. The EU's sexual morality thus becomes a political weapon.

With the LGBTIQ strategy, the EU is pursuing the fundamental objective of giving Hungary and Poland the choice of either not stepping out of line or of being severely punished. Suddenly there was a great hurry in Brussels to publish the LGBTIQ strategy paper in the middle of a catastrophic pandemic. The motivation behind this was to use the matter to punish Poland and Hungary for what the EU has long considered rebellious behavior.

An integral part of the EU crusade against disobedient Eastern European nations is to criminalize behaviors that these societies consider normal. For example, the Hungarian government has been criticized for maintaining a culture of heteronormality. In Brussels' woke circles today, the view that heterosexual relationships are the norm is denounced as a cultural crime.

Both the Hungarian and Polish governments have declared that they unconditionally support equality between men and women, but they reject the EU's call for “gender equality”. Why do they do that? Because, in contrast to the subjective gender ideology, which rejects the binary distinction between man and woman as transphobic, they hold on to the view that there are only two genders, namely man and woman. In contrast to the western advocates of trans culture, they reject the claim that gender is subjective and insist on the biological determination of the XX and XY chromosomes as male and female.

It is part of the EU's LGBTIQ strategy to expand the list of “crimes” defined by the EU, as contained in Article 83 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, through hate crimes and hate speech, including against LGBTIQ Human-directed crimes of this type. Legislative initiatives are also planned to protect rainbow families so that their parenting and same-sex partnerships must be recognized across the EU. There is little doubt that Poland and Hungary will resist these laws and will then be re-accused by EU leaders of violating the rule of law.

A spokesman for the Permanent Representation of Hungary to the EU said: "The definition of what is meant by gender is an exclusive competence of the Member States, and that must be respected", adding: "The EU documents should therefore only Contain information that is acceptable to all Member States, is based on sound legal foundations and on mutually agreed definitions."

The EU, however, does not want an agreement at all. It is not ready to tolerate divergent views and traditions in the field of sexual and family life. It insists that it alone has the power to rule on these intimate moral questions.

The EU hopes that by making funding conditional on the acceptance of its LGBTIQ strategy, it will force Poland and Hungary to act according to the script intended for colonial subjects. The comments made by the leaders of the two nations over the past few days suggest that the strategy will - at least for now - not work. In this context, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated that values ​​are more important than money.

What the EU really fears is that not only Poland and Hungary reject their LGBTIQ strategy. Millions of people across Europe may also see the LGBTIQ strategy as the will to undermine their way of life. They could wish in their hearts that their governments too had the courage to stand up against Brussels' moralizing ambitions.

Source: Tickys Einblick
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