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Muslim students in Hamburg defend Samuel Paty's murder

HAMBURG. Muslim students in Hamburg defended the beheading of the French teacher Samuel Paty . They disturbed a minute's silence for him at their school and justified the act, according to Bild from a request from the parliamentary director of the CDU parliamentary group in the Hamburg parliament, Dennis Gladiator.

Accordingly, they refused to mourn and instead showed understanding for the perpetrator. The State Institute for Teacher Education had received ten requests for advice from educators in the matter.

Hamburg Senate should name perpetrators and victims more clearly
In one case, “after the minute's silence, the students felt harassed by the teachers and, in the emotional situation, defended the murder of the teacher in France out of religious conviction,” the school authorities told Bild. In another case, "after the minute's silence, students criticized the minute's silence in an emotional turmoil and defended the murder".

Gladiator criticized the behavior of the school authorities as well as that of the Hamburg students. He doesn't even know what is bothering him more: the "swollen, trivializing style" or the "radical incidents" that have already been shown in children and adolescents. The Hamburg Senate must name the perpetrators and victims more clearly, he demanded.

France reports 800 cases of disruption to Paty's memory
The French history teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded by a Muslim Chechen in mid-October. The reason for this was that he had also shown cartoons of Mohammed in a class on freedom of expression. The German Teachers Association then warned that there was a “climate of intimidation” in German schools too.

According to the French Ministry of Education, there were also 800 cases of disruption during the memorial for Paty. Ninety percent of the students were responsible, but some parents and individuals outside school also resisted it. Among other things, they had made provocative statements, played down terrorism or refused to participate in minutes of silence.

In the meantime, Samuel Paty's killer, Abdullah Ansorov, has been buried with full honors in his native Chechnya. According to the AFP news agency, several of the 200 mourners carried the coffin with the body of the 18-year-old man to the cemetery in the village of Schalaschi and chanted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great).

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