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Only Money and Power Matter to Black Lives Matter


 Racism is cool again, thanks to Democrats. The political party that brought you slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, lynchings, the KKK, and everything else associated with what a group like Black Lives Matter raises billions of dollars claiming to oppose never swayed from their main objective of dividing Americans so they can conquer. So why would a group like BLM work so hard to perpetuate a slavish loyalty to the political party overseeing the slaughter of thousands of black people every year and the destruction of the black community? Because it’s not really about race, it’s about money and power.

Since their inception, progressives have always been bigots. Yes, there were a lot of racists among the New England elites in the early 20th century progressive movement, but the bigotry was largely based on wealth and education more than skin color. There were plenty of black progressives.

The unifying trait in the progressive movement was the belief that they, whoever the “they” were, were better than everyone else, smarter than everyone else, and therefore knew better than everyone else what was best for the great unwashed masses. They deemed the uneducated as unworthy of existing, that they should be bred out of existence through the practice of forced sterilization under the then-harmless sounding banner of “eugenics.”

 t was essentially a call for genocide through attrition (though some did call for the extermination of those already born), an idea that didn’t cause much outrage at the time. Newspapers have always been staffed by people who considered themselves members of the elite; these ideas didn’t impact them, why would they care if “undesirable” people were prevented from reproducing?

They didn’t. And they don’t.

Eugenics is now viewed with the disgust it always should have been, but the goal of control over those viewed as too dumb to know what is best for themselves by a ruling elite continues.

Black Lives Matter is a proud member of that coalition. A front group designed to maintain Democratic Party dominance of the black vote.

But if you look beyond the billions raised (and don’t question where it’s being spent because we don’t know, but we do know people are getting rich), and the racist language (Democrats have always worked in racist language the way some artists work in oil paint), you see what you see when you look at any activist Democrat: the destruction of the United States.

Following the tobacco company model, leftists have always tried to “hook ‘em when they’re young,” and many left-wing jurisdictions are on board.


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