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Photos: ‘COVID ID Card’ To Be Rolled Out In UK

 Is this photo is representative of an actual ‘ID card’ that people will be given after vaccination, or is it just an appointment card?

Reports indicate that the UK National Health Service is to issue everyone vaccinated against coronavirus with an ‘immunisation identity card’, with the government refusing to rule out that the cards will be used like passports to reintegrate into society.

Certificate Of Vaccination ID or COVID for short.

 — Mark (@TGR2021) December 7, 2020

The rollout of vaccinations begins in the UK this week, and photos of record cards reveal wording on them reading “Make sure you keep this record card in your purse or wallet“.

The card has a space for the name and batch number of the vaccine, as well as the date that it was injected. A second space denotes the fact that Pfizer’s shot requires two vaccinations.

There is confusion, however, over whether this photo is representative of the actual ‘ID card’ that people will be given after vaccination, or if it is just an appointment card.

While many have expressed concerns that the cards are evidence that the government is moving toward effectively mandating vaccination, others have noted how flimsy and easy to fake the cards in the photo appear.

‘No photo, no details. What could possibly go wrong?’ one commenter pointed out.



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