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Quota for women exceeded: Left Parisian government has to pay fine

Written by Max Roland for Apollo News.

The Paris city government has to pay a fine of 90,000 euros for violating the parity law. According to a national law from the Ministry of Change and Public Service, a gender must not be over-represented by more than 10% when filling management positions. In 2018, Paris violated these regulations by hiring 69% women in such positions.

"I am pleased to announce that we will have to pay a fine," announced the socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, with biting derision. Then she explains in a more serious tone that the same punishment is "absurd, unfair, irresponsible and dangerous". The politician obviously doesn't like the fact that the principle of gender parity supported by her party is now being interpreted to her disadvantage. In France, women should be actively promoted - that is the main thing. The left-wing politician reveals quite bluntly that it is not actually about equality, but rather about active discrimination against men: "Yes, in order to reach parity one day, we have to accelerate the pace and ensure that more women than men are appointed." The alleged institutional disadvantage of women is now being combated by literally institutional disadvantage of men - such advanced logic can probably only be understood with a master's degree in gender studies.

What follows now is the finest political puppet theater. First, Hidalgo explains that she wants to receive the fine in a feminist procession with all the women who work for her. Then the responsible minister from the Macron party speaks up. On Twitter, Amélie de Montchalin calls the regulation "absurd" and crawls to the cross: the cause of women is very important to her, the parity rule has long since been changed and the fine should be used to promote women in the public service. The minister even invites Hidalgo to jointly decide how to use the 90,000 euros. In that case, probably no man should have been allowed to do that - if those weren't even female privileges.

Source: Apollo News
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