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RED HANDED Married Hungarian MEP for anti-LGBT party fled 20-strong orgy jumping out window

A MARRIED MEP was caught with blood on his hands fleeing a drug-fuelled lockdown orgy by jumping out of a Brussels window.

The horny Hungarian, 59, and several diplomats were nicked after taking part in a lockdown-busting mass-romp in the Belgian capital.

MEP József Szájer, from Hungary, was involved in an orgy in Brussels last week - breaking lockdown rulesCredit: Rex Features

Belgium cops busted the party last week

Stunned cops caught around 20 people, mostly men, naked in the act when they burst in on the sex party yards from the city's central police station.

A source close to the case declared: "We interrupted a gang bang!"

They were called to the area around 9.30pm at night after neighbours complained.

When officers arrived at the bonk-fest, József Szájer, a married veteran Hungarian MEP, tried to do a runner through a first-floor window.

He reportedly injured his leg during the doomed escape bid and was nabbed by cops.

And he was seen by a passerby with blood all over his hands.

Sources said he then attempted to avoid arrest by flashing his parliament badge and claiming immunity from prosecution.

Gatherings of four or more people are currently not allowed in Belgium.

The orgy took place on Friday evening above a bar right next to Brussels' historic Grand Place square.

Mr Szájer, 59, shocked colleagues by unexpectedly announcing his resignation on Sunday. He is set to stand down at the end of the year.

He is married to Tünde Handó, a prominent Hungarian lawyer and judge. The pair have a daughter Fanni, who was born in 1987.

He apologised for attending the party but denied taking drugs and said an ecstasy pill found by police at the scene was "not mine".  

In a statement he said: "After the police asked for my identity - since I did not have ID on me - I declared that I was an MEP.

"The police continued the process and finally issued an official verbal warning and transported me home.

"I did not use drugs. I offered to the police to take an instant test, but they did not do it."

He added: "I deeply regret violating the Covid restrictions - it was irresponsible on my part. I am ready to pay the fine that occurs.

"With my resignation on Sunday I drew the political and personal consequences.

"I apologise to my family, to my colleagues, to my voters. I ask them to evaluate my misstep against a background of thirty years of devoted and hard work.

"The misstep is strictly personal. I am the one who owns responsibility for it."

Brussels' public prosecutor said those caught at the party were "fined for failure to comply with health measures".

He added that Mr Szájer had been spotted by a witness "fleeing along a gutter" on the outside of the building with "bloody hands".

In a statement it said police found drugs in his backpack, and narcotics charges are being prepared but the Parliament must waive his immunity first.

Two other people who attended the party have also claimed diplomatic immunity, which the prosecutor's office is trying to get lifted.

The penalty for breaching Covid rules is £225, which is less than the £280 a day stipend MEPs get just for turning up to their jobs.

Several diplomats were also at the party, at which drugs were seized, according to local media. 

The married MEP has quit and apologisedCredit: Rex Features


Belgian euro MP Assita Kanko fumed: "Terribly inappropriate. The MEP present must certainly be punished. Everyone equal before the law."

Ryanair made fun of the incident by advertising cheap seats for "a quick escape from Brussels".

In a tweet the budget airline quipped: "In this case we don't recommend the window seat."

An EU Parliament source said the MEP would not be helped by diplomatic immunity as it only covers legal issues related to his work.

They added: "There is nothing wrong with participating in a sex party of any kind.

"However, such kinds of meetings with many people are illegal under Belgian coronavirus laws."



Source: The Sun

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