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Survey: Climate change in Europe is only the fourth biggest challenge

The issue of climate change is of much less importance to the people of the European Union than it was a year ago.

Berlin - This emerges from the preliminary results of the third "climate survey" of the European Investment Bank (EIB), about which Die Welt (Wednesday edition) reports in advance. "Overall, climate change in Europe has dropped from first to fourth place of the greatest challenges, but in Germany it is still in second place," says the EIB's summary. When asked, "What are the three main challenges facing the citizens of your country right now?" 59 percent of Germans had counted climate change in the previous year. This year it was only 51 percent.

Only coping with the pandemic is seen as an even more important problem in Germany. On average in the 27 EU member states, only 33 percent of those surveyed consider climate change to be one of the three greatest challenges for their country. Apart from Denmark, Germany is the only country where the challenges of climate change are rated higher than the economic and financial problems.

In addition to coping with the Covid-19 pandemic, economic and financial worries and fears of job loss dominate the survey in most countries. For the survey, the EIB interviewed 30,000 participants in China, the USA and the EU.

Photo: The Associated Press
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