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Almost no asylum seekers from Hong Kong in Germany

Germany currently does not grant asylum to any politically persecuted person from Hong Kong.

Berlin - That comes from the answer of the federal government to a question FDP member Gyde Jensen, about which the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (Sunday editions) reports. According to this, only six asylum applications have been made by residents of Hong Kong in Germany since 2017 and only two of them have been recognized. "The federal government must also work to ensure that Europe takes in more refugees from Hong Kong," Jensen told the RND. "In the past three years, no fewer than six asylum applications have been made by citizens of Hong Kong."

Much more can be done there. The FDP deputy warned the federal government to base its China policy on international law. "China broke international law in Hong Kong, and that's only the first step. China is persecuting minorities like the Uyghurs more and more brutally," said Jensen. She called for economic policy consequences: "After all these developments in recent months, the conclusion of the investment agreement with the EU came at an absolutely inopportune time. If this investment agreement goes through without concrete human rights agreements, then China has won."

On Monday, Hong Kong democracy activist Glacier Kwong, who lives in Germany, will present a petition to the Bundestag's petitions committee calling for sanctions against Chinese officials, the newspapers report.

Photo: FoxNews.
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