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The Washington Post went back and "updated" a 2019 article that made Kamala Harris look bad

In a 2019 The Washington Post published a piece about then-presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. In it she tells a weird story in which she compared campaigning to being in prison. And she laughed about inmates begging for food and water.

This is from the original piece:

"It's a treat that a prisoner gets when they ask for, 'A morsel of food please,' " Kamala said shoving her hands forward as if clutching a metal plate, her voice now trembling like an old British man locked in a Dickensian jail cell. "'And water! I just want wahtahhh….'Your standards really go out the f—ing window."

Kamala burst into laughter.

But as Reason discovered, though the article is still up on The Washington Post, that cringe-worthy segment has mysteriously vanished. In fact, the whole opening anecdote has been completely rewritten as a puff piece.

Here's what WaPo said when they were asked about the revision.
As part of an online series rolled out before President Joe Biden's and Harris' inauguration, "we repurposed and updated some of our strong biographical pieces about both political figures," Molly Gannon Conway, the Post's communications manager, told Reason via email on Thursday. "The profile of Maya Harris was updated with new reporting, as noted online, using the existing URL. The original story remains available in print."
Sources: Not the Bee / Reason
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