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"Cultural Appropriation" versus Cheap Counterfeits: BLM’s Accusations Against Trump Supporters

Written by John (the other John).

BLM was formed during the Obama years, in which their mission was to burn, loot, murder in our cities and towns without consequence. They had multiple years to practice their trade prior to the 100+ days of the “free stuff” riots in 2020, which caused billions of USD in damages and in which dozens of people were murdered in their insurrection in the US. With this, they caused horrifying intimidation amongst all segments of society (ex. government, corporations, police, academia, etc...). As such, BLM was able to cause mayhem without consequence and without punishment; not only this, but cops were kneeling to them while confessing their “sins”, and the powers-that-be applauded and encouraged these actions. This form of violent, highly-organized and highly-financed intimidation became the trademark of BLM.

Turn the clock ahead to 6 January 2021 in Washington DC at the Capitol Building, in which Trump’s highly-unorganized and unfinanced supporters gathered to protest against the stolen election. They entered the Capitol Building and caused a little ruckus and a little damage, but instead of the support and applause by the media, they instead are labeled as traitors, treasonous, and (worst of all) “racists”.

“Racist” you may be wondering! Besides this being the end-all excuse Leftists have for their adversaries, they now actually have an ideological reason for making this accusation. Basically, when it comes to burning buildings and inciting violence and intimidation, BLM is the real-deal; this is endemic to their ideological culture. Now let us be clear, Trump supporters did none of this, but these actions were interpreted by BLM that Trump’s supporters’ actions bordered on the infringement of BLM’s copyright and trademark on political violence; in other words, this was “cultural appropriation” (thereby “racist” by definition). But can this be true? No.

Trump’s supporters’ actions of entering the Capitol Building were a spontaneous act. This was unlike the "free stuff" riots this past summer in which trucks were delivering bricks, shields, weapons, etc... to their supporters to cause mayhem. These groups had their own medics. lawyer’s, photographers. 
etc... on the ground during this actual "insurrection". It was the summer riots that were highly organized and highly financed. So in the alternative in every way to the “free stuff” riots, Trump’s supporters not only did not “culturally appropriate” BLM’s copyright and trademark of violence and intimidation, but their protest was nothing more than a cheap counterfeit to BLM.

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