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German government rates Islamist danger as high: AfD calls for preventive detention

BERLIN. The federal government continues to rate the danger of Islamist terror as high. Above all, “in the violent Salafist spectrum”, the situation is characterized by a “subliminally diffuse threat situation”, according to a response from the Federal Ministry of the Interior to a request from AfD MP Martin Hess, which Junge Freiheit has received.

There have also been no changes with regard to the number of “extremist Islamist people” who are in Germany. The potential of people in the “area of ​​Islamism / Islamist terrorism” is still around 28,000. The largest group was formed by the Salafists with more than 12,000, followed by around 10,000 followers of the Milli Görüs movement and the Muslim Brotherhood (1,350).

More than 800 threats and relevant people in Germany
The Federal Ministry of the Interior did not provide any information on the question of how many of these Islamists do not have German citizenship. An answer could not be given “because of the unreasonable effort involved”.

As of January 4, 2021, according to the answer, there were 346 so-called Islamist threats and 462 relevant people in Germany. People who are risk are expected to carry out a serious or state-endangering crime at any time, while security authorities refer to those persons as "relevant" who have a leadership role or the function of a supporter or actor within a terrorist or extremist group.

The federal and state governments have one way of monitoring threats with ankle bracelets. However, as a further request from AfD politician Hess revealed, no threats or relevant people have been monitored with an electronic ankle bracelet in accordance with the Federal Criminal Police Office Act in the past two years.

"Immediate deportation or longer-term preventive detention"
The federal states also have the option of keeping an eye on those who are a risk using "electronic residence surveillance". Recently, however, a request from Junge Freiheit to the interior or justice ministries of the federal states revealed that little or no use is currently being made of this. Only Hesse stated that "currently people in the lower single-digit range are being monitored with an ankle bracelet in the phenomenal area of ​​religious ideology".

The CSU wants to change this fact in the Bundestag. At the beginning of January, they decided to increase the use of shackles against Islamist threats. The former police superintendent Hess vehemently doubts that this is an efficient measure. The CSU pretends that the electronic surveillance system can prevent attacks. “This is by no means the case, as the endangered person can still move freely. At most, the ankle cuff improves the police's clarification results with regard to the movement image or the contact persons, ”emphasizes Hess.

The only way to effectively prevent people who threaten to commit attacks are "immediate deportation or detention or longer-term preventive detention where deportation is not possible," the AfD politician demands.

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