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Hamburg: Libyan is said to have killed a 20-year old woman

Hamburg - Victoria was only 20, life was still ahead of her. But then her body lay in a dark cellar between parked bicycles, tools and rubbish. According to the autopsy report there was “massive violence against the head”.

Sharif A., a 22-year-old, is the main suspect: The Libyan is said to have stalked the young woman in the past and was expelled from the area around Victoria's place of residence by the police.

According to the police report, on Sunday afternoon, Sharif A. called the police from a nearby kebab shop claiming that "a friend" in the apartment building needed help.

In truth, by this time the young woman was already dead in the bicycle cellar. According to information collected by Bild, Sharif A. was still waiting for the rescue workers and led them to the corpse, but he left before the first patrol car arrived.

The police immediately started a major manhunt, and arrested the suspect at 6.10 p.m. on Henriette-Herz-Garten street.

But who is the Libyan really?

This also poses a problem for the officials. Because apparently the suspect pretended to be 26-year-old and named Sharif S. when he was arrested.

The investigators found out, however, that Sharif S. entered Hamburg as Sharif A. (22) in June 2016 and was later redistributed to Plauen (Vogtlandkreis) as a refugee. According to Bild, Sharif A. had been granted a permit of residence until April 6, 2021 - then he would have had to leave Germany.

Liddy Oechtering, spokeswoman for the public prosecutor: "An arrest warrant for manslaughter has been issued against the accused."

Sharif A. is silent on the possible motive.

Source: Bild
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