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One-Upping AH

Written by John (the other John).

On 30 January 1933, AH was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany in a coalition government. With this power, the National Socialists infiltrated the police and empowered average citizens (National Socialists) to become police officers. AH also made his Stormtroopers as auxiliary police. They then raided the Communist Party headquarters and found seditious material, which among other things showed that they were planning to attack public buildings. Later on 27 February 1933, arson was committed on the Reichstag which caused substantial damage. AH blamed the Communists for the arson, so President Hindenburg invoked Article 48, resulting in the banning of free speech, assembly, privacy, and press; legalized surveillance; arresting his opponents (whom AH referred to as being “subhuman”), and removing his elected opponents from the Reichstag. Historians agree that the National Socialists orchestrated the fire just to blame AH’s opponents, and to increase his powers upon the German people. All this was done within 28 days of AH becoming the Chancellor.

So now you may be wondering, who exactly one-upped AH? It was Joe Biden’s handlers. AH accomplished the above within 28 days after becoming Chancellor, but Biden’s handlers accomplished the same acts 14 days before being sworn in as President; thus Biden’s puppet-masters one-upped AH by acting before the swearing in ceremony. (As a side note, Biden’s people infiltrated the police long before the election with the fraudulent Burn Loot Murder riots, thus extorting concessions from the police to overlook their crimes, and to prosecute the opponents of BLM).1

1. If AH had recruited BLM instead of brown shirts, gestapo, and Stormtroopers, then it is very possible that he would have conquered all of Europe.
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