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Parler is deactivated after Amazon warning

This Monday it was impossible to access the platform that gained popularity in recent days after the Twitter account of US President Donald Trump was suspended indefinitely. Amazon had warned Parler that the site would lose access to its servers for not moderating their posts. Google and Apple had already removed the app app from their stores.

Parler is speechless. The conservative social network was taken out of service on Monday, after Amazon warned the company that it would lose access to its servers for being unable to moderate messages inciting violence.

Parler, whose popularity soared in recent weeks, became a refuge for some users outraged by the moderation policy of social networks such as Twitter, which permanently suspended Donald Trump's account on Friday.

Messages of support have been disseminated on Parler to those who broke into Congress and even some in which new protests were called against the result of the November presidential elections, won by Democrat Joe Biden.

Amazon is thus following in the footsteps of Google and Apple, which have already removed Parler from their download platforms. In a letter sent to the social network, the company justified the decision due to the increase in "violent content."

In a series of posts on Parler, its founder, John Matze, confirmed on Saturday that his app would not be available from the next day and accused the tech giants of being in a "war against free speech."

At its start in 2018, Parler was primarily a radical territory, but now it attracts more traditional conservatives, including Republican congressmen. Like other alternative platforms to the giants Twitter and Facebook, Parler has more lax rules regarding disinformation and hate content than traditional networks.

Source: RFI
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