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The brutal counter-strike of the self-proclaimed healers and unifiers

Written by Air Türkis for Apollo News.

Enough has been written about Trump's understanding of democracy, as well as about the "storming of the Capitol," which was not one. You can think what you want of him - he's probably history. But dealing with him also sheds light on the other side - and anyone who wants to declare the other side to be model democrats has been blindfolded for the last four years. Trump questioned the election result? For four years the motto of the Democrats was "Not my President", for four years they wanted to remove him from office - because of alleged irregularities in the election by the Russian secret service. Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump an “illegitimate president” years ago and said before the election that Biden should “under no circumstances” admit defeat. Black Lives Matter tried to set fire to the Supreme Court building, and God knows what they would have done to the Capitol had it not been for security forces standing in line with machine guns in front of it.

Even in response to the hour of greatest loss of control, the darkest hour of the Trump camp, the other once again proves its own questionable relationship to democracy. No prisoners are made.
If you want to go very far, you can call the storming of the Capitol a rebellion or a revolt, that was at least true from the subjective point of view of the rioters. The most that can be said is that Trump is indirectly to blame for having spurred the masses on with a speech beforehand. But to declare the whole thing a “coup”, a “coup d'état”, whereby there is no evidence that Trump knew about it, supported it, is a dramatic assumption that only damages democracy further.

The "putsch" is supposed to be followed by impeachment proceedings, the ZDF editor-in-chief even babbles about charges of treason. The man doesn't know what a coup is. The point of exaggeration: Nancy Pelosi spoke to the Chief of Staff of the US military about how to take away the nuclear weapons from Donald Trump in order to prevent him from starting a nuclear war. Objectively speaking, this is a request to refuse to obey orders, a request that the military should oppose the still democratically legitimized President of the USA, and ultimately: a request for a military coup. And according to the New York Times, this is exactly what several Defense Department officials have felt.

Now Twitter has locked Trump's account forever. The President's central mouthpiece, the most important opportunity to go public with almost 90 million followers. You can't just dismiss the fact that this is a private company that can do what it wants. Twitter must also allow other opinions, must not build up a monopoly of opinion; it is a platform and not a magazine. For this reason, it enjoys all kinds of legal privileges over conventional media. And it is noticeable that Ayatollah Khamenei is allowed to continue tweeting. So it can be read on his account to this day that Israel is a “tumor” that must be “removed and eradicated”. Erdogan also continues to tweet cheerfully, as do all kinds of African dictators. Incidentally, Erdogan mobilized his followers via Twitter on the evening of the so-called military coup against him. That was the prelude to his counter-coup and a wave of purges. But Twitter keeps its feet still with real despots, you don't want to lose the markets.

Twitter's rationale for Trump's removal is incredible. The reason is the tweet: "Everyone who asked, I will not go to the inauguration on January 20th." Among other things because his absence would make the inauguration a sure target for an attack - you read that right, this is not a joke, but the reason to cut off the democratically elected president of the oldest democracy on earth from the public.

Now Trump was a president who found a new way of accessing the electorate with Twitter and communicated decisions of global political importance. Since the entire history has been deleted, historical processing is no longer possible. Trump is supposed to be erased from the collective memory like a brief industrial accident. This attempt says a lot about Twitter and the state of mind of the new administration of the old US establishment. It is reminiscent of the USSR, which had the hero of the Red Army retouched from the photo that shows him leaning against Lenin's speaker's platform and demonstrating his closeness to Lenin. History that does not fit into the concept is deleted. It should be that easy.

Democrats politicians celebrate this decision, a senator even says “Thank you @twitter for this measure. We have to come together as a country to heal and to find a common way forward.” So Biden's big talk about the “healing” is first of all to silence his political opponent. Find a common way? It's simple: you silence everyone who wants a different path. Such a democracy will definitely win.

Source: Apollo News
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