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Antifa attack on AfD stand: "Division of labor in terms of organized crime"

SCHORNDORF. After the attack by an Antifa group on an AfD electoral booth in Baden-Württemberg, the AfD member of the Bundestag Jürgen Braun raised serious allegations in the direction of politics and the media. "If acts of violence happen against us, the public excitement is nil," criticized Braun, who was present at the attack in Schorndorf and remained unharmed. "The violent perpetrators of the Antifa only dare to commit these acts of violence because they receive support or trivialization from the media."

On Saturday, Braun ran an election campaign together with the AfD state parliament candidate Stephan Schwarz and a 79-year-old helper in front of an AfD stand in Schorndorf. At around 9.45 a.m., a group of 15 to 20 people rushed towards them from a side street. The group could be assigned to "the anti-fascist scene because of the flags and banners that were carried with them," the police later announced.

"It then happened very quickly," says Braun. “They came around the corner, shouted something and rushed towards our booth. That was a division of labor in the sense of organized crime. ”The attackers had pulled up banners so that possible witnesses could not see the attack from the church square.

AfD Landtag candidate has to go to hospital
The left-wing extremists wanted to attack him, but he was able to evade. Schwarz was thrown to the ground by the attackers and beaten. Sticks were used. "When the victim, lying on the floor, tried to dial the emergency number with his smartphone, it was said to have been torn from his hands and stolen by a hitherto unknown person," the police said. The 36 year old had to be hospitalized with injuries. “We hope there are no internal injuries. Mr. Schwarz is still in the hospital and will be examined for a longer period of time,” said the AfD member of the Bundestag on Sunday.

The 79-year-old helper was also attacked and fell to the ground. "The police weren't there at the time," said Braun in disgust as interviewed by Junge Freiheit. "Agreements were not kept, because the presence of the police was actually discussed." This has "created a climate of hatred against the AfD" in the city. Schorndorf is "also not a random place". Here there is a close connection between the left-wing extremist scene, IG Metall and those who are politically responsible.

The AfD stand was completely destroyed
The AfD's stand was completely destroyed in the attack. The alleged left-wing extremists fled. Officials later temporarily arrested five suspects, ages 18-25. The investigations by the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office and the Waiblingen criminal police department are ongoing.

On the left-wing extremist platform Indymedia, the act was placed in connection with the attack in Hanau a year ago. An AfD stand in Schorndorf had been “visited”, which “made it clear a year after the right-wing terrorist attack in Hanau that right-wing agitation would not be tolerated and that our protests would not be confronted”. It is frightening "how much the nihilistic mantra of 'free speech' has burned itself into the public discourse". There is “no right to right-wing propaganda”.

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