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Berlin CDU boss calls for Indymedia ban

BERLIN. The Berlin CDU boss Kai Wegner has called for the left-wing radical Internet portal Indymedia to be shut down. He wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that the plug should be pulled out of the "Agitation site". There should also be no stage for left-wing extremists.

Wegner accused the red-red-green Berlin coalition of consciously ignoring “extremist tendencies” in the left wing movent. That endangers democracy. The "banalization of the left scene, especially in Berlin by persons from the Senate parties" has assumed proportions that cannot be tolerated.

Left radicals declare CDU politicians dead on Indymedia
The background to this is an article on the Internet portal entitled “Mourning for the MP Kurt Wansner”. In it, the Berlin CDU MP was deliberately falsely declared dead. The article alleges that Wansner was killed in a fire at an ammunition factory in the Turkish city of Izmir. There he wanted to negotiate "a deal with rubber bullets for the Berlin police".

The CDU politician has been a thorn in the side of the left-wing extremist scene for years. Among other things, because he calls for tough action against scene meetings on Rigaer Straße and regularly warns of the danger of violent left-wing extremists.

AfD is also calling for the platform to be switched off
It is not the first time that calls for a ban on Indymedia have been heard. Above all, the AfD insists on shutting down the left-wing radical network.

In August 2017, the then Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière (CDU) banned the left-wing extremist offshoot linksunten.indymedia. However, he assured that the move was not directed against the German Indymedia main page. "I emphasize that the measures are not directed against the global indymedia network, but exclusively against the left-wing extremist German branch."

Since the closure, however, it has been observed that - as in the past - crimes are regularly called for on Left-wing extremists also published letters of confession there. Only recently, a left-wing extremist group called on Indymedia to use the Covid crisis for looting and riots.

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