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Berlin: Expert in far-right violence is arrested for the explosion of a pipe bomb

After an explosion in Berlin-Schöneberg, an arrest warrant has been issued against a suspect. The 29-year-old is now in custody, the police said on Saturday. He is a political scientist and right-wing extremism expert.

Claudio C. was arrested during a search of an apartment. It will be further examined whether there is a connection to an explosion two weeks ago just a few streets away, said a spokesman.

The explosion
Several residents called the police after they heard an explosion in the courtyard of an apartment building on Eisackstrasse Thursday evening around 8:30 p.m.

A police spokesman: "Officials of the responsible section 42 found in the inner courtyard not only residues of a detonation but also a possible explosive device that had not yet been detonated."

According to information gathered by B.Z. Berlin, it looked to be pipe bombs. Since it could not be ruled out that the second explosive device could explode, the investigators launched a large-scale operation. The surrounding houses were evacuated, and residents were temporarily accommodated in buses. Explosives specialists from the State Criminal Police (LKA) secured the suspicious item.

In the vicinity of the crime scene, the investigators noticed a 27-year-old who was obviously trying to escape. Gregor D. was arrested.

Another suspect was in the young man's apartment on the fourth floor of the building. However, because he did not open the door, the SEK moved in. Claudio C. (29), Gregor D.'s roommate, was then arrested.

When the apartment was searched, forensics discovered chemicals and other suspicious objects. The men were transferred to state security.
According to B.Z. Berlin, both can be assigned to the left scene.
  • Political scientist and right-wing extremism expert Claudio C. most recently worked as head of media education for a Kreuzberg association. According to his own vita, the Offenbacher was an employee of the mobile advice center against right-wing extremism until 2019.
  • His roommate, Gregor D., who was born in Trier and is also a political scientist, is supposed to work as a teacher. A case against both of them was initiated in 2016 for violating the ban on demonstration gatherings, which was discontinued
The investigating state security is checking whether the suspects could also be responsible for an explosion on Fritz-Reuter-Strasse on the night of January 20. The tremendous shock wave even burst windows behind closed shutters. Debris flew up to 80 meters. A man (60) was injured.

In both cases, however, a specific motive is missing. The investigators were unable to identify possible targets. The arrests are assigned to the extreme left milieu, but have so far not been noticed by extremist acts. A connection with other acts classified as left-wing terrorism is, however, being investigated. This should also include the brutal attack on a ZDF team on May 1, 2020 near Alexanderplatz.

Source: B.Z. Berlin
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