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Berlin sets up an "Expert Commission on Anti-Muslim Racism"

BERLIN. The federal state of Berlin has set up an “Expert Commission on Anti-Muslim Racism”. The Senate Department for Justice and Anti-Discrimination announced on Friday that it consists of “civil society members” and should “deal intensively with anti-Muslim racism as a specific form of racism”.

The committee is coordinated by the head of the state anti-discrimination agency, Eren Ünsal. The responsible Senator Dirk Behrendt (Greens) justified the appointment of the commission that it was unbearable "when women in Berlin have their headscarves torn off or even small children are attacked". The country must take a closer look at anti-Muslim racism.

The committee should develop prevention strategies
"After the racist attack in Hanau, we dealt with the question of whether we are really already doing enough against anti-Muslim racism," said the Green politician. “That is why we want to put the actions of politics and administration to the test with a commission of experts. First of all, we now start with an inventory in order to develop concrete recommendations in the next step."

The aim of the committee is to “develop a theoretical basis for the development of prevention and empowerment strategies”. The members include Yasemin Shooman from the German Center for Integration and Migration Research, Sanem Kleff from the initiative “School without Racism - School with Courage” and two members of the Islam forum of the integration commissioner of the state of Berlin.

The federal capital keeps making headlines because of radical Islamic or Islamist incidents. In the fall, an 11-year-old Muslim student threatened to behead a teacher. A week earlier, the same student had attracted attention with violence when, after a minute's silence for the teacher Samuel Paty, who had been murdered by a Muslim, he declared that someone could be killed who had insulted the prophet Mohammed.

There are also several Islamist associations in Berlin. Interior Minister Andreas Geisel (SPD) banned one of them on Thursday.

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