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“Can you blame them...”

Written by John (the other John).

The top story in the news today is about the so-called “insurgents” and “terrorists” who attacked our esteemed leaders at the Capitol Building on 6 January 2021, and because of that a private citizen (Trump) was tried in the Senate as part of an impeachment and removal.1 The “terrorists” in question are being called horrible names for this “unjustified” attack. But let us analyze what was the prequel to these events:
  • The FBI, DOJ, and security services spied on candidate Trump’s campaign in 2016
  • The federal agencies were working on behalf of the Clinton campaign
  • After Trump’s victory, the federal agencies conspired to sabotage Trump’s Presidency (ex. fake Russia allegations for years, with the bogus Mueller probe)
  • Collusion by the media, big tech, and deep State to silence Trump’s supporters
  • Labeling all of Trump’s supporters as “racist”
  • Bogus character assassination of a Supreme Court nominee
  • Fake Ukraine probe and impeachment
  • Weaponizing Covid for political advantage so they could gain more power over its citizens (ex. NY Governor Cuomo allowing more deaths to weaken Trump; shutting down our businesses so we become dependent on the government for our survival; alter election laws to allow unsolicited mail-in ballots)
  • BLM/Antifa riots burning down our cities for 100+ days in hundreds of cities, and demonizing America’s history and its people, while the authorities referred to them as “peaceful protesters”
  • A young kid defended Kenosha, Wisconsin from thousands of actual terrorists, yet it is the patriotic kid who was arrested, while the terrorists went undisturbed
  • Politicians (including the current President and Vice-President) who openly supported the BLM/Antifa terrorists against us and our national history
  • Big corporations/Wall Street/media/academia/etc... all sided with the BLM terrorists by financing them to the tune of billions of USD, whilst acting against us and our national history
  • Politicians and the elites want to disarm us, and to defund the police, and thus leave us unprotected; while these pols & elites are fully protected
  • The laws of this nation rightfully obligate us to comply with said laws, while BLM/Antifa and fakefugees are exempt from being obligated to comply with these same laws
  • Sports leagues and athletes openly hating us and our nation; but they love China
  • Re-education training to indoctrinate us and our kids that we are evil for no other reason than our skin colour; re-writing our past
  • They want to abolish our Constitutional rights (ex. free speech, religion, right to bear arms)
  • China is financing many of these Leftist causes
  • “Equal Protection” is being replaced with “equity” (i.e., anti- to those susceptible to sunburn)
  • Politicians who openly despise us and our history
  • The opening of our borders to anyone who wants “free stuff”, and mathematically to make us an ethnic minority
  • Then candidate Biden and his son illegally made millions of USD, but no criminal investigations occurred on Joe Biden
  • Big tech and media concealed truthful negative news on Biden
  • Biden wanting to pack the Courts, and to make DC and Puerto Rico States (so to have 4 more Democrat Senators)
  • They want to destroy our suburban areas so every town can become an urban Democrat-controlled $hithole
  • 6 January was at worst a trespass in which very few people did some bad things (this cannot be extrapolated to condemn 75 million Trump voters as “terrorists; do they do the same for BLM and extrapolate their violence to other people? Or to Muslims after 9/11?)
  • Most pols and media acted hysterical over this trespass, especially the most vocal of which who was not even in the Capitol Building
  • They label us as “terrorists” so the security services can hunt us down and ki!! us (some have suggested drone strikes against us)
  • Republicans are no better than Democrats who are so terrified of the Left that they too betrayed the people
  • The politicians oppose the fences and barriers at the US/Mexican border, but they support the construction of fences and barriers to barricade themselves in DC
  • At no time did the pols do any self-reflection and ask us what did they do wrong and why are we so frustrated with them
  • Etc...
So when you read the above facts and reflect upon these past four years when our treasonous institutions (both public and private) double-crossed us, you must then reconsider the narrative about these “peacefuller protesters” on 6 January, and then ask yourselves “...can we really blame them for what they did....” (minus the assault on the police). You do not need to imagine their frustration because you too feel it and experience it. If anything, it is by sheer luck for these pols that this did not occur sooner (whether at the Capitol or at their local District Office); but then again, everyone has their breaking point, history is full of such examples.

1. Removal from what though? He is a private citizen now.
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