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Cult of Supreme Being

Written by John (the other John).

“The Cult of Supreme Being” was a radical replacement of religion during the French Revolution, in which the established religion of Catholicism and Christianity were replaced with a newly invented State religion which promoted “public virtue” (which is whatever the tyrant du jour wanted it to mean, but the major component was that the revolutionaries sought to exercise control over every aspect of French life). This “virtue” could only be fulfilled by affirmative acts by the citizens to satisfy the leader. To inaugurate this new religion, they held a “Festival of the Supreme Being”, which mandated that all people had to take part in this commemorative event. And to those who failed to fulfill their obligations, to the chopping block they were taken.

The above events occurred about 230 years ago, and no doubt such lunacy and thought control surely could never occur again in today’s world, right? Wrong!!! Today in 2021 in the West, the powers-that-be are slowly phasing out the established religion of Christianity (the process began nearly 90 years ago), and recently it has been disclosed that the new religion is “wokeness” (for which this is largely undefined as it is fluid and forever changing, but the two constants are that 1). it is anything and everything anti: white, male, hetero-, Conservative, Christian, and 2). it seeks to exercise control over every aspect of our lives). And to celebrate the inauguration of this new religion, all people are required to hang up a BLM sign, to take a knee, and to admit their white guilt.

But Christianity of course has a 2,000 year head start on wokeness, and it has a holy figurehead (that of Jesus Christ). So who/what exactly will be the holy figurehead of wokeness? It will be a mosaic of: George Floyd as a tran$-Mu$lim midget fighting climate change. Kneel to your god.
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