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Die Linke: The insane draft for the Bundestag election program

From the former SPD leader Franz Müntefering comes the sentence "Opposition is crap!" Others could do that, he would rather rule. The fact that sitting on the opposition bench can have advantages is currently once again shown by the Die Linke (Left Party) with the draft of its Bundestag election program.

On 137 pages, the comrades draw their dream of a new society. No demand seems too absurd not to be formulated after all, no minority too small not to raise their particular interests as a guideline for the general public. And the best thing about it: The left will hardly get into the embarrassment of worrying about whether the whole thing can be implemented or even financed, given the survey results. All the more carefree the left ship of Utopic fools can be built, on which everyone can then sail into a happy future with prosperity and fresh air for everyone.

In order for this future to become a reality, a few political and social screws still need to be turned. There are, for example, the topics of the Bundeswehr and arms exports. The Left Party wants to ban the latter completely, at least for Germany. The party is not concerned about the associated loss of jobs, since new ones could be created after all.

Conversion of the Bundeswehr without offensive weapons
We already know exactly how this works: “We want to develop conversion programs for workers in the armaments industry with social partners from trade unions, the peace movement and the churches,” says the election manifesto. So that from now on the development of new weapon systems in Germany is slowed down and inhibited, “funding programs in the economy as well as for research at universities” are to “only serve civilian production” according to the will of the Left.

The party has identified the Bundeswehr as another stumbling block on the way to peace. This must therefore be rebuilt as quickly as possible. Because the price for an "upgraded" army is the lack of billions in taxes in "expanding the health system, in the social infrastructure, in education, in climate protection".

The armament of the Bundeswehr is also always accompanied by a militarization of society. Therefore, not only must military service be finally abolished, but also the entire Bundeswehr must be moved away from the operational army purely for "defensive defense". Assault weapons should be abolished in the first place.

Against the militarization of the space
The KSK had to be dissolved because of its “right-wing networks” and all armed forces had to be screened with the help of a study on racism and right-wing ideas. Also, if the left has its way, the Bundeswehr will no longer be allowed to recruit young people at job centers, schools and universities. "No advertising for dying!" Is the motto.

But that's not all, because the Bundeswehr is not the only army in the world. That is why the left demands nothing less than the “dissolution of NATO”. As long as that has not yet been implemented, at least one is in favor of Germany leaving the defense alliance. This is no longer just serving the defense of its members.

Rather, NATO is currently building a "space center" in Ramstein, which is responsible not only for protecting important satellites, but also for military attack capabilities in space. It is therefore clear: "The left rejects the militarization of space."

Of course, they also know that not every peace deal can be forced without a fight. Some fights should be fought quite simply. For example the “fight against the law” - always and everywhere. The left stands for this, "on the street, in the factories, in the parliaments". It is precisely this struggle that must be supported on all levels. "Civil disobedience" is part of democratic protest and should not be criminalized.

Integration as a two-way process
The "opposing forces in civil society" should be strengthened and projects against right-wing extremism and "anti-fascist initiatives" should be financed in the long term through a law promoting democracy. There should also be no obligation to cooperate with the police or the protection of the constitution. (Like all secret services, the latter is to be abolished anyway and replaced by an “observatory on authoritarianism and group-related enmity”.)

In addition, one must "deprive the rights of the social breeding ground". The best way to do this is with a social policy for all people with equal rights for all - in short: with a solidary immigration society.

“Immigration”, conjures the Left in its draft program, is “not a threat, but everyday life for many, an opportunity for our society and the rights of every individual”. Germany is more diverse than ever. “We live, love and work together,” enthuses the party.

But that does not mean that Germany is diverse enough and that it has sufficient immigration. That is why we need “open borders for all people in a solidary Europe” and safe escape routes instead of walls. Integration is not an individual's responsibility, but a process on both sides. All people who lived in Germany had to be “legally, politically and socially equal”.

Apartments for all refugees
This also includes the active and passive right to vote at all levels as well as a legal right to naturalization after five years of residence in the Federal Republic. Deportations, on the other hand, are rejected, including those of foreigners who have committed criminal offenses.

"Sacrificeless offenses" like "illegal entry" should be decriminalized. Migrants are not a security problem. The "institutionalized distrust" must finally be over. The responsibility for migration and integration should therefore be withdrawn from the Ministry of the Interior and bundled in a separate ministry.

Germany must also invest more in the care and integration of immigrants and refugees. “We want to accommodate refugees nationwide in a decentralized manner and in apartments and offer them free language courses nationwide. Instead of discriminatory material benefits, we want regular cash benefits at the level of solidarity-based minimum income for all people. "

Another focus in the draft for the program for the Bundestag election of the Left Party is the topic of "Justice, self-determination and gender diversity". There is a considerable need for improvement here. A “real quota of women in management positions of 50 percent” is absolutely essential for “business, science and politics”. So far, "money, time, recognition and power between the sexes" have been distributed too unevenly.

Artificial insemination for everyone
For this reason too, social and budgetary policy must "be checked for gender equality and changed accordingly in the sense of gender budgeting". German foreign policy must not only advance gender equality worldwide, but German climate policy must also be “gender equitable”.

The fight for women's rights is not limited to countries such as Brazil, Poland, India or Nigeria. In Germany, too, there is urgent potential for improvement. In order to be able to live independently, women should have real choices, for example whether to decide for or against children.

This includes, on the one hand, “legal access to abortions” and the assumption of the costs of all contraceptives by the health insurance companies and, on the other hand, artificial insemination for everyone. These should also be available to “unmarried, lesbian and single women*”(with the world "women" followed by an asterisk, because that is the way to show gender-neutral language with certain words), including funding from the health insurance companies. The Left advocates the legal equality of "diverse ways of life".

"Inclusive and climate-friendly society"
The party therefore promotes a “right of elective affinities”, in which not only two-person relationships are allowed to take responsibility for themselves, but “every community that feels connected to one another. This can also mean a relationship that includes more than two people (eg a multiple parent family with two lesbian mothers and two gay fathers). ”These people must also be granted the right to adopt and to refuse to testify.

The "parent-child association" is to be reformed in such a way that lively and gay partnerships are equated with heterosexual partnerships. This also includes the legal recognition of co-parenting and of trans* and intersex parents ”.

The aim is nothing less than a “livable, inclusive and climate-friendly society”. This is what The Left is fighting for. For everyone who shares “social wealth” on a “viable planet with good air to breathe”.

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