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Germany: Left-wing extremists are responsible for the majority of politically motivated arson

BERLIN. Left-wing extremists carried out 308 arson attacks in Germany in 2018 and 2019. In total, the Federal Criminal Police Office recorded 378 politically motivated arson attacks during the period, according to a response from the Federal Interior Ministry to a request from the Left Party.

In 17 cases the perpetrators were right-wing extremists, in 20 cases, according to the evaluation, the authorities assume arson attacks based on “foreign ideology”. 29 acts could not be assigned.

The deputy party leader of the Left, Martina Renner, expressed doubts to the taz about the classification of the crimes. “Apparently there is a problem of perception when it comes to the right background for the crime. The authorities are blind in the right eye. “That is“ a slap in the face of those affected”.

The protection of the constitution warns of the brutality of the left-wing extremists
The focal points of the arson attacks were the cities of Berlin, Leipzig and Munich. In Leipzig, the left-wing extremist scene repeatedly attracted attention with serious crimes. In the past, the targets of the attacks were construction companies and the police. Saxony founded the special left-wing extremism commission at the end of 2019. It is supposed to increase the pressure on the scene.

Also in Leipzig, several Bundeswehr vehicles went up in flames on New Year's Eve . In this case, too, the security authorities suspect left-wing extremists behind the crime, after a corresponding letter of allegation emerged.

Last year in Berlin there were repeated crimes around the evacuation of the trendy meeting point “Liebig 34”. Even then, the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, warned against a new brutality of the perpetrators.

Left-wing extremists set fire to just under a dozen vehicles
The evaluation by the Federal Ministry of the Interior also shows that many arson attacks were carried out around the Hambach Forest, which was temporarily occupied by left-wing extremist environmentalists. There, for example, vehicles from the energy company RWE repeatedly went up in flames.

Left-wing extremists carried out a particularly serious arson attack in Lower Saxony in early January. A hitherto unknown group claimed to have set fire to just under a dozen vehicles belonging to the regional registration authority in Braunschweig and Langenhagen. The Association of German Detectives then demanded tougher action against the left-wing extremist scene.

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