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Germany: Minister of State for Digitization wants to record misogyny as a criminal offense

BERLIN. Minister of State for Digitization Dorethee Bär (CSU) has called for misogyny crimes to be included separately in the crime statistics. “Meaningful data are the basis of important analyzes of how one can counteract the phenomenon, whether it is increasing or decreasing. That is why misogyny must be listed as a separate category in the crime statistics, ”she told the dpa news agency.

The politician warned of the consequences of misogyny. It poisons social interaction, leaves severe damage to the soul and is the breeding ground for violence, whether through cyberbullying or analogue.

Federal Constitutional Court stops law against "online hatred"
Against this background, Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) is pressing for the implementation of the law against "hatred and agitation" on the Internet that was passed last year. The social democrat demanded that the perpetrators should be consistently prosecuted by the judiciary.

The law previously passed by the Bundestag and Bundesrat had Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier stopped because of the requirements of the Federal Constitutional Court. The judges complained that companies such as Facebook and Twitter should report so-called hate comments to the Federal Criminal Police Office.

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