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Germany: Somali rapist cannot be deported

Cochem. The district administrator of Cochem-Zell, Manfred Schnur (CDU), has asked Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) to appeal to the Somali authorities to ensure that a criminal asylum seeker can be deported there.

The background is the case of the 23-year-old rejected asylum seeker Abdi M., who entered Germany illegally in 2014. As the Der Spiegel from Cochem reports, the African raped a 16-year-old girl and attacked a 21-year-old woman just a few days after his arrival, on Rose Monday 2014.

He was therefore sentenced in October 2014 by the Trier regional court to a six-year youth sentence. In March of last year Abdi M. would actually have been released from prison, but because he again committed a crime in prison, his prison sentence was extended. Among other things, he had insulted judicial employees and exposed himself several times, including in front of a prison employee and an intern.

District Administrator: Citizens are concerned
However, these sentences are also about to expire, which is why the Somali could be released if he does not commit further offenses. Then the responsible district of Cochem-Zell in Rhineland-Palatinate would have to accept him, since a deportation of the rejected asylum seeker and sex offender is currently not possible.

“A return travel document is required for deportation, which must be issued by the Somali authorities. The Somali authorities are currently not issuing a return document for a deportation. In this respect, the person concerned cannot currently be deported, ”said a spokeswoman for the district administration to WochenSpiegel . As the newspaper also reports, the asylum seeker should be monitored by the Mayen criminal police after his release from prison.

District Administrator Schnur showed understanding that the citizens of his district were annoyed and angry about the process. "I consider that to be human, because nobody understands that a criminal asylum seeker cannot be deported to his home country after years of imprisonment," he told the newspaper. The citizens are also unsettled because Abdi M. is obviously a violent person who could become criminal again at any time.

"The Federal Foreign Minister is called upon here"
“Unfortunately, neither I - nor my administration - have my own options. The law on foreigners is not a matter of self-administration for the district. Federal and state law is carried out here. ”That is why the federal government must be active in the case, warned the CDU politician.

“Here the Federal Foreign Minister is called upon to oblige countries - like Somalia - by making aid - for example through development aid - dependent on countries participating in such procedures. For example, the Federal Republic of Germany must accept IS fighters, why not Somalia also criminal Somalis? "

Source: Junge Freiheit
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