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Media cover-up in Germany: Muslim refugee murders two people, one with "violent action on the neck"

Written by Dr. Manfred Schwarz for

In the Lüneburg psychiatric clinic, an inmate brutally killed two people, one nurse was seriously injured, and two others were slightly injured. The alleged double murderer was arrested by several police patrol car crews using pepper spray.

Once again it is interesting that although almost all of the major media in Germany reported on the double murder - almost none of them published any precise personal background information about the perpetrator.

In order to anticipate what newspapers, radio stations and television companies are hiding - from the Munich Abendzeitung and NDR to the Hamburger Abendblatt and the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) to Der Spiegel and Zeit: The suspect is a Syrian who is officially considered to be a refugee. The “refugee” has already committed serious criminal offenses several times in this country, but was illegally “tolerated” by the responsible authorities in Germany.

The SZ glossed over the double murder
The Süddeutsche, for example, euphemistically describes an "outbreak of violence". The alleged perpetrator is casually described as follows: "The young man" had "only voluntarily come to the clinic for observation hours before". The perpetrator "allegedly killed a 54-year-old patient in the same ward by violent action on the neck". Another "patient was so badly injured that he died in the hospital".

"Violence on the neck"? This is often the euphemistic way of saying that a person's throat has been cut. The Abendzeitung reported obscurely: "What the trigger for the violent attack on the station was initially unclear." This settled the case for the mainstream media. How would the world of the left mainstream media have reacted if a “bio-German” had killed several refugees in psychiatry?

Bild acted in a particularly original way: In a report on the Internet, the tabloid also conceals the identity of the alleged double murderer, but the north German print edition describes the perpetrator with relative accuracy.

Digitally, however, Bild also writes the cruel acts beautifully: "Why the act of violence came in the middle of the night and why the situation escalated so much is now the subject of police investigations." The "situation" has "escalated"? Even Bild's editors do not dare to mention the gruesome details of the double murder by name at this point.

The facts speak for themselves
In the Lüneburg psychiatric clinic Am Wienebütteler Weg, a 54-year-old patient was massacred on Friday at around 2:10 am. The perpetrator injured another 56-year-old fellow patient on the ward so badly that he died a little later in the hospital. A 61-year-old nurse was also seriously injured by the “person seeking protection”.

The perpetrator also threw objects at the arriving police officers, and a 42-year-old nurse and a police officer were injured.

The 21-year-old suspect lived in a small town in the Lüneburg district until the act.

The responsible press spokeswoman for Gesundheitsholding Lüneburg, Angela Wilhelm, has also tried to downplay the brutal facts from the Lüneburg psychiatry: “The patient came voluntarily for treatment. At night there was an escalation of violence without any signs. ”An“ escalation of violence” Language is often tell-tale.

The worst facts are simply kept from the reader
The responsible public prosecutor from Lüneburg, Christoph Hillmer, summed up the dire events in Lüneburg, sometimes with elegant words: The perpetrator had "not got involved in the charge". In German: The alleged perpetrator refuses to make any statements. That is his right, but one should call things by their names.

Bild wrote in its print newspaper that there had already been "proceedings for assault and threats" against the arrested suspect. A somewhat belittling paraphrase for the fact that the suspect has evidently been noticed several times as a brutal thug - and presumably has repeatedly frightened fellow citizens.

In other words: people have fallen victim to a criminal who should have been deported long ago. But how many media outlets in Germany would still dare to speak out these bitter truths today?

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