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Politician from Die Linke: "All AfD people belong in the gas chamber"

LINDEN. A local politician of the Die Linke (the Left Party) complained about a storm of indignation after her inhuman statements became known. “I'm a tiny little girl. And they make such an uprising,” criticized the 47-year old little girl Bianca Deubel, who runs for the Left Party in the local elections in Linden, Hesse, on Monday to an interview to Gießener Allgemeine.

On Christmas Day 2018, Deubel replied to a tweet from an AfD politician: "All AfD members belong in the gas chamber." "I'm looking forward to dancing on their graves." Twitter blocked the user.

The fear is now returning
After it became known in social networks that Deubel was now nominated for second place on the left-wing list, the tweets came back into the public eye. “It's starting to burden me again,” said the independent teacher for German as a foreign language to the Gießener Allgemeine. “When I'm outside, I take care and look around.” Two years ago, she suffered from nightly telephone threats for several weeks. Now fear has returned.

She distances herself from her statements. “I do not wish any AfD voter death.” She made her statements as a citizen, “who was very upset”. In addition, the left-wing politician emphasized that she had been misunderstood. The AfD politician, to whom she replied, complained about warnings from the churches against right-wing populism. "The fact that a politician wants to dictate to the churches what they have to preach reminded me of the national socialist conformity."

With her tweet “All AfD people belong in the gas chamber”, she wanted to say that AfD politicians should visit memorials for the victims of National Socialism in order to educate themselves historically. That also includes former gas chambers. "I would formulate that more clearly today." However, she could not explain why she wanted to dance on the graves of AfD politicians. In 2018 she was not yet a member of the Left Party.

AfD calls for distancing from left-wing regional association
The parliamentary group leader of the Left Party in the Bundestag, Dietmar Bartsch, criticized Deubel's statements. "Without even having a hint of sympathy for AfD politicians, a call that they belong in gas chambers is not to be tolerated," he said last week to Tichys Einblick. "Yes, I also deal with the AfD very clearly in the Bundestag and on every other opportunity, but calls for murder and the like are and will remain absolutely unacceptable."

The state chairman of the Hessian AfD, Klas Herrmann, sharply condemned Deubel's statements. "Anyone who wants to gas people has not only left the ground of the liberal-democratic basic order, they also show their criminal and punishable disposition." He also expects distancing from the Hessian Left Board of Directors.

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