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Queer Dance Theory: The Foundation for Nation-Building

Written by John (the other John).

There is a movement today in the US for those with student loan debt to have it forgiven (regardless of the major and regardless of the value that major or student provides to this nation).

As we all know, the cost of University in the US is outrageously high, but despite that, millions of young adults seek to pursue a higher degree to improve their life (or, just to be educated on grievances, and to be a complainer and an unproductive member of society their entire life). So in effect, the student loans of all students will be forgiven, regardless if the student is (for example) a:

  • A STEM major (science, technology, engineering, math; a major that provides value to society, and affords the person a job opportunity to fully pay back their student loans), or on the other extreme
  • Some bu!!$hit major about some form of grievance studies, (women, gender preference, race, small genitalia, ugly, fat, stupid, smelly, etc....).

So with this, not only will the worthy students have student loans forgiven, but also the unworthy students. This plan will cost the US taxpayers trillions of dollars not just to forgive current students’ loans, but for future students as well. This will essentially create free Universities, and it will only encourage idiots to take on bogus studies in their curriculum which provide zero benefit to society. But the way Biden and his handlers talk about it, this will improve society by dealing with past injustices. (BTW, even if they have no student loan debt with this forgiveness program, they will still never find a job because wtf will hire them? There is no job market for unqualified complainers. This will only accentuate their failures [hence, more complaining, and more demands for “free stuff”]).

So there lies the future of America, paying for the education of those studying majors such as Queer Dance Theory (as if that will help build America and to compete with China).

Money well spent.
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