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SPD wants to make it easier for refugees to stay in Germany

BERLIN. The SPD parliamentary group has proposed an amendment to the Residence Law to make it easier for refugees to be accepted into Germany. The Federal Republic must play a “pioneering role” in Europe, quotes Focus Online from a corresponding position paper by the Social Democrats. "Lived solidarity is the order of the day."

In the letter, the party calls for limitations of the Federal Ministry of the Interior's right of veto to accept migrants. So far, the department headed by Horst Seehofer (CSU) has been able to prohibit federal states from going it alone. According to the will of the SPD, the Federal Minister of the Interior will be able to “raise concrete security or foreign policy concerns” within four weeks. Otherwise the federal states can accept migrants.

Seehofer has so far insisted on a European solution in the matter. The SPD does not want to wait for that, as some EU states have "turned their backs" on the idea of ​​a humane, common asylum system, as the party complains. References to an international solution ignored people's suffering.

SPD urges a quick solution
The SPD emphasized that in Germany and the neighboring states there are many “cities, municipalities and regions that are ready to receive and help”. It is all the more incomprehensible that “places that are available and urgently needed by the refugees cannot be allocated”. The political willingness to accept should not be slowed down by bureaucratic arguments and administrative tactical action.

In view of the situation in Greek refugee camps, the SPD member of the Bundestag Florian Post urged a quick solution. “It's also about children who live in the dirt in the truest sense of the word. Action must finally be taken."

Ex-Union leader calls for more immigration
There are also votes in the CDU for the rapid admission of more refugees from Greece. For example, the former Union parliamentary group leader Volker Kauder (CDU) complained in mid-February: "The conditions in the Greek refugee institutions are incompatible with the Christian image of man."

In his opinion, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) would also be ready to take in more migrants if his own parliamentary group would support him. "Therefore, the CDU and CSU must take a step forward for the humanly acceptable treatment of migrants in Europe."

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