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Twitter censors police data on African migrant violence in Catalonia

Twitter recently decided to suspend the account of Spanish conservative-liberal party Vox for a week. The reason was a tweet that cited police sources saying migrant minors are responsible for 93 percent of the complaints filed with police while only making up 0.2 percent of Catalonia’s population. The tweet also pointed out that the majority of the minors came from the Maghreb.

The entry was accompanied by a #stopislamization hashtag. It did not contain any threats or calls for violence — nothing that even an overzealous political correct censor could consider hate speech. The data came from police statistics; it is hard to see numbers as troublemakers or xenophobic. They simply reveal the sad truth about the criminal inclinations of young arrivals from the Maghreb (North Africa) who conflict with the law much more often than indigenous Europeans.

Leftist censors seem to be insulted by math because it mercilessly shows the failure of multiculturalism.

This is not the first time that publishing police data concerning violence and terror among young migrants has caused social media censorship in Spain. Last year during the pandemic, when Spaniards were under lockdown in their regions and sometimes even in the districts they lived in, record numbers of migrants from the Maghreb, a part of Africa not currently affected by any wars, were arriving in the Iberian peninsula.


 The Left does not want an equal debate. The Left does not use the force of argument but the argument of force, which we are increasingly convinced of even here in Poland.


Between January 1 and 24 of this year, more than 2,748 illegal migrants of conscription age entered Spain.

What’s more (and this has been known for a while with everyday life offering plenty of evidence), leftist activists and politics have openly called for the persecution and assault of political opponents (or the ritual burning of churches). And they will get away with it.

Vox MEPs have already asked the European Commission when it will finally take appropriate and decisive action against Big Tech censorship, which has been paralyzing the party’s activity on social media. This suspension comes just two weeks before parliamentary elections in Catalonia.

Vox is Spain’s third political power and the fastest-growing party in the polls. Blocking them on Twitter is basically a way to knock out political rivals.

But the party — that has the audacity to represent conservatives, Catholics and classical liberals in a Spain colonized by the Left — has other problems.

A few days ago, during an election meeting in Catalonia, the left-wing Catalan separatist militia assaulted Vox politicians with a stream of objects including rocks. This happened immediately after a Twitter account of one of the branches of the left-wing Catalonian government encouraged such action.

But in that case, Twitter did not find any evidence of hate speech, as it seems it is blind in its left eye.

These events are a warning for the Right in every European country. The Left does not want an equal debate. The Left does not use the force of argument but the argument of force, which we are increasingly convinced of even here in Poland.


Source: Remix News

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