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China wants their boys to man up and stop acting like girls

China's government finds itself in a fight against shifts subverting traditional cultural norms.

According to NBC News, the Chinese government intends to “encourage masculinity” for the male students in their education system.

This flying in the face of many postmodernist gender theories that subvert the roles of gender altogether. People in that field are even responding as much.

Lü Pin is the founder of a Chinese advocacy group called Feminist Voices, which was also banned by Chinese censors three years ago. She spoke to NBC on the subject:

 This issue has been on the minds of Beijing officials since December 2020, according to an official proposal. In it we learn that the Chinese government wants  the Ministry of Education to hire more physical education teachers and bolster the learning in that department. The same is intended for the country’s health education.

On a final note the government proposal suggests research into topics like the "influence of the phenomenon of internet celebrities on adolescents' values."

The societal direction for China culturally aims to have their men becoming strong leaders and excelling in all manner of school subjects. Whereas they want their women to be the softer counterparts. NBC frames it as though the country is fighting against a similar upheaval that Western countries are experiencing in this front. With girls entering university more often and outperforming the opposite sex.

Some of the people NBC spoke to blame today's pop culture icons ("male Chinese pop stars who wear makeup and androgynous"), while others cite a need to reinvigorate physical disciplines as the go-to solution.


Source: Post Millennial 

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