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Denmark wants an upper limit for residents of “non-western” origin

COPENHAGEN. The Danish government has announced an upper limit for residents of “non-western” origins in city districts. According to the AFP news agency, the law planned by the Interior Ministry stipulates that a maximum of 30 percent should apply in the districts within ten years. This is to prevent the development towards "parallel societies".

Interior Minister Kaare Dybvad Bek (Social Democrats) justified the move with the fact that too large a proportion of people from non-Western countries "increases the risk of a religious and cultural parallel society". The previously criticized term "ghetto areas" should be deleted from the law.

The term “ghetto areas” should be removed
So far, it has been used to describe quarters in which there is a high proportion of migrants, a low level of education and income and a high crime rate. 15 districts in the country are classified as “ghetto areas”, 25 are classified as “endangered”. The minister explained that the word was “misleading” and “distracts from work”.

Denmark is ruled by an exclusively social democratic cabinet. The government has been pursuing a rather restrictive immigration policy for years. Around 14 percent of the Danish population are migrants or immigrants with a foreign background. Every fourth person in Germany is a migrant or has a parent who comes from abroad.

Photo: Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.
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