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DITIB distributes a book that calls for "killing" offenders of the Prophet

DITIB and Milli-Görüs distribute a book in Germany and Austria that calls for killing prophet offenders. It calls for what was done to the French teacher Samuel Paty and the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo. How many such books are there?

The Islamist Milli Görüs community, DITIB, a Salafist shop and, until recently, even Amazon are selling a book that calls for people who insult the Prophet Mohammed to be killed - regardless of whether they show “repentance”. The Austrian Volksblatt reported on this, whereupon Thalia and Amazon removed the book from their range.

Book demands: whoever offends the prophet "must be killed"
The book calls for exactly what was done to French teacher Samuel Paty in October 2020. He was beheaded on the street by an Islamist for showing his students a cartoon of Mohammed in the spirit of freedom of expression. The attack was at the same time an act by Islamist backers, as the Islamist Abdelhakim Sefrioui, who is close to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist organization Hamas, had called for mobilization against the teacher in a video.

Sefrioui and a mosque associated with him in the Paris suburb of Pantin had issued a fatwa against Samuel Paty calling for the teacher to be murdered. The imam of that mosque had published the school's address. The mosque was closed, but Le Figaro revealed that this imam continued to preach in a mosque in Bobigny, which was subsequently closed along with a hidden Koran school (double room in the basement).

The Volksblatt has now announced that a book that is being distributed in Germany and Austria calls for such a cruel murder. The book is called "Ilmihal [= catechism] for women - basic Islamic knowledge for women" and is published in German by the Turkish Uysal publishing house. “Someone who insults the prophet, or who in any way makes his religion bad must be killed,” it says on page 177. Even if the “perpetrator” shows repentance, he must be killed: “If he repents and repents shows, although his repentance is accepted by Allah, he still has to be killed. He must not be given any time to reflect. He must be killed, regardless of whether he repents or not."

This is not only reminiscent of instructions for the assassin and the people behind the Samuel Paty case, but also of the Islamist attack on the editorial staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris in 2015, as well as the threats and attacks that occurred in 2010, 2011 and 2012 against Charlie Hebdo staff for printing cartoons of Mohammed in 2006.

Allowed to chastise his wife
The “Islamic Basic Knowledge for Women” also teaches that wives have to endure domestic violence if they should oppose the man. “However, should a woman rebel against her husband and aim to destroy the harmony and continued existence of the family, the Qur'an allows the husband to punish his wife as a last resort Action meant that the woman should emphasize the seriousness of the situation".

Distributors: DITIB, DIYANET, Milli-Görüs and Salafists
The Uysal publishing house is based in Istanbul. The Turkish version of the book is offered by the Turkish religious authority Diyanet - which reports directly to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - and by the German DITIB offshoot. The DITIB association is in turn subordinate to Diyanet and works together with the Turkish secret service. The book club “Kitap Külübü” of the “Islamic Community Milli-Görüs” (IGMG) is also offering the German edition for sale. The Islamist Milli Görüs community in Germany has served as a propaganda tool and source of finance for the AKP regime since 2002. In addition, the “Umma Shop” in Düsseldorf sells the book, which is assigned to the Salafist Ansaar organization by the North Rhine-Westphalian Office for the Protection of the Constitution. It is also sold in Switzerland.

The publication with the call for murder was published at the end of 2010, which means that this book with the call for murder has been in circulation in German-speaking countries for ten years. This book is an example of how long such radical Islamic publications can remain undiscovered in German-speaking and European countries. It must urgently be assumed that a considerable number of similar publications exist in Germany and Austria. And it is not surprising that under the Turkish President Erdogan, who is a representative and disseminator of political Islam, the Turkish religious authority is promoting such a book.

The digital “Ditib Library” contains six works by the author Asim Uysal, including the “Ilmihal for Women”. It is advertised there. One copy can be physically checked in the library free of charge. In the description target group DITIB says: "Every married man or every man who intends to get married is obliged under Islamic law to know about faith, acts of worship, partial and total washing, menstruation, childbirth, not to acquire menstrual bleeding, the Islamic women's clothing and other women-related religious regulations, and convey it to his wife.” The book is therefore used for men to teach their wives or future wives with this knowledge. So the book is actually not addressed to women.

The view of Austria is particularly explosive. The book club “Kita Külübü”, which advertised this contemptuous publication, is assigned to the Milli-Görüs Association (IGMG), which in Austria operates under the name “Islamic Federation” as an official branch of the IGMG. The Islamic Federation is the second largest mosque association in Austria. The official representation of Muslims in Austria is again the "Islamic Faith Community" (IGGÖ), whose President Ümit Vural was formerly on the board of the Islamic Federation. IGGÖ founder and Mufti Mustafa Mullaoǧlu was also a high-ranking member of the German branch IGMG. This means that the representation of Muslims in Austria is headed by people who come directly from an organization classified as Islamist by the protection of the constitution promotes radical Islamic literature calling for assassinations. According to the reporting of the Volksblatt, the IGMG distanced itself from the book, which allegedly had been included in the range of their online bookshop without checking the content.

The book raises the frightening question: How many such Islamist books have been in circulation for decades without being noticed or checked?

Sources: Tichys Einblick / Volksblatt
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