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From “Homo Sapiens” to “Homo Wokerecticus”

Written by John (the other John).

Historically, there have been multiple movements by tyrannical governments to “reset”/remake the human species (homo sapiens) into an improved new being. My focus though will be on the 20 th century, for which with these attempted great resets brought with them horrific genocides and multiple wars.

All of these past resets were social experiments that intended to alter the people’s thoughts, speech, and actions; but none in the past attempted to alter people’s body and gender. So let us examine some past resets, and then we will examine today’s “great reset”.

“Homo Sovieticus” (New Soviet Man):

In theory:
  • a person with certain qualities would emerge as dominant among all citizens of the Soviet Union, irrespective of the person’s cultural, ethnic, and linguistic background, thereby creating a single Soviet people (i.e., loss of nationalist sentiments such as Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian, etc...)
  • selfless, learned, healthy, muscular, and enthusiastic in spreading the socialist Revolution
  • intellect and disciplined; not act upon crude impulses
  • treat public property with respect
  • avoid alcohol
In practice:
  • Indifferent to the results of his labour (as expressed in the saying "They pretend they are paying us, and we pretend we are working").
  • Lack of initiative (lazy) and avoid taking any individual responsibility for their own actions/failures
  • Indifferent to common property (theft)
  • Censor speech/thought; abundance of propaganda; shield people from the truth.
  • Drunkenness
  • genocide


  • people of Nordic and Northern European ethnicity (most notably, Germany) are the master-race (ex. blond, blue-eyed [despite AH being neither])
  • All other groups are a danger, so they must be removed or exterminated
  • Practiced eugenics
  • Propaganda; silenced dissent
  • Practiced violence, theft, and genocide

“Socialist New Man” (China under Mao):

  • "new men with new minds, new ideas, new emotions, and new attitudes"; the “olds” must be abolished.
  • techniques employed included indoctrination, struggle-sessions, propaganda, criticism and self-criticism, and a variety of other techniques (ex. torture and public shaming)
  • genocide exceeded that of the Soviet Union and National Socialist Germany combined

“Homo Wokerecticus”:
  • new spirit of globalism/ progressivism
  • a melange of multiculturalism, political correctness, sexual perversion, environmentalism, open borderism, laziness, envyism, racialism, atheism, and gender fluidism
  • tech savvy, and accepting of “equitable” violence
  • essentially, a cocktail of deviants posing as new age beings
  • opposes free speech; punish those with adverse opinions

So as we can see, all of these ideologies which promoted “great resets” had committed violations of human rights, thought/speech control, and punishment for those who were in non-compliance to the diktat du jour. But more importantly, all past attempted “resets” of the human species had failed; yet despite that, those in power now are trying one more “great reset” by eliminating the “homo sapiens” and instead presenting us with “homo wokerecticus”.1


1: As a side-note, an American roulette wheel has 37 numbers, so the odds of picking any given number is 1 out of 37; alternatively, under wokeness there are 58 genders, so the odds of a hetero guy finding a biological hetero female is 1 out of 58 in the age of wokerecticus (remember, that non-biological females disguise themselves as being biological hetero females, therefore, you may end up getting something you did not anticipate). Yikes!!!!!

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