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Hypocrisy as a Virtue

Written by John (the other John).

Historically in most cultures, hypocrisy was a vice that was frowned upon. In fact, in some traditions the people a$$asinated a hypocrite. But in most societies, merely referring to someone as a “hypocrite” caused sufficient shame to a person so they would act justly and honestly. The reason for this is that hypocrisy is bad both for society and for individual relations. After all, if a person/entities word was worthless, then it would be impossible for society to live in harmony or for the economy to function; in other words, how can businesses contract with each other if they cannot trust each other.

But this virtue of “honesty” is so yesterday (and a sign of “whiteness”). The modern day progressives preaching wokeness feel otherwise; basically, not only is hypocrisy not discouraged, not only is it encouraged, but it is actually a mandate. To the wokesters, being hypocritical is more of a bloodsport with a multi-layer reward system. This is based on four (4) unique achievements, with each subsequent step earning a greater reward pending their orgasmic-like climax with the final step:

  • they can act hypocritically
  • they can get away with acting hypocritically
  • they know that we know that they are acting hypocritically, and
  • they know that we know that there is not a damn thing that we can do about it other than to accept it

The ultimate insult, they step on us and then spit on us, we are aware of it, and there is nothing we can do to stop them. (It’s like playing in a Cricket match and losing, but instead of the winners shaking your hands as a sign of sportsmanship, they instead repeatedly hit you over the head with their bat. That is the equivalent of what the Left is doing to us).

So to the Left, hypocrisy is not a mere afterthought or an occasional tool to utilize against us, but it instead is a virtue within their own demented minds since it is a sign of righteousness. [1] (Take your pick on an issue: race, gender, ethnicity, preference, religion, ideology, etc...).

1. I prepared a draft of another article titled “Universal Principles vs. Double Standards” in which I critiqued the hypocrisy of the Left; but now I realize that article may be pointless because they consider it a “badge of honour” in being hypocritical. You cannot shame the shameless.
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