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Integration researcher Koopmans makes fun of German reactions to the Swiss burqa ban

The Dutch social scientist Ruud Koopmans made fun of German reactions to the Swiss referendum on the ban on full veils. In a tweet Koopmans, who researches integration at the Humboldt University and the WZB in Berlin and became known with a large study on religious fundamentalism, wrote: "Help, Germany is surrounded by Nazis."
Above: "Help! Germany is surrounded by Nazis. The Netherlands, Belgium and France already had a burqa ban, and now Switzerland too. Denmark, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic are even more right-wing extremists if possible. Once again, the world must recover from the German being."

In an ironic way, he draws attention to the fact that Germany's migration and integration policy is not only characterized by a particular negligence towards Islamic fundamentalism. A ban on the sale of burqas was even reported in Muslim-influenced Morocco in 2017. In Germany, however, this political negligence is also flanked by snooty, moralizing public opinion that tends to school other countries. “The world must recover again with the German being,” writes Koopmans. With his tweet he reacts to a tweet by the former Zeit editor and Taz columnist Mohamed Amjahid, who claims that Switzerland “democratically stumbled over the far right fringe”.

Source: Tickys Einblick / Twitter
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