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Law against "enemy lists" in Germany will not be applied to "anti-fascist research work"

BERLIN. Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) has changed her draft law for the creation of so-called enemy lists in favor of journalists and “anti-fascist” groups. The draft law, according to Die Tageszeitung, is to be passed in the cabinet on Wednesday.

The project is aimed primarily at so-called enemy and death lists, as they were in some cases disseminated by right-wing extremists. According to the newspaper, the current version contains a reference to the social adequacy clause in Section 86 of the Criminal Code. Accordingly, the “reporting on current events” remains unpunished. Likewise, if the act serves "civic education" or "similar purposes".

In addition, the reason for the draft stated that the “publication of the research work of associations to uncover extremist endeavors” should not be punishable. This means that branding or the publication of private information by left-wing organizations could not come under the new law.

Left-wing extremists also create lists
In addition, the Ministry of Justice indicates that the mention of names should be punishable especially if it is combined with "subtle insinuations" "that may motivate the person concerned to act ('You could visit him')".

There had been sharp criticism of the original draft law. The Left Bundestag member Martina Renner and her party friend in the Thuringian state parliament, Katharina König-Preuss, had warned that the law could also be directed “against anti-fascist research”. The organization "Reporters Without Borders" feared consequences for journalists.

The initiative for the newly planned Section 126a in the Criminal Code had picked up speed two years ago. Several right-wing prepper groups had previously been dissolved. Preppers are people who prepare for potential disasters. A request from the FDP member of the Bundestag Jürgen Martens showed last week that the Federal Criminal Police Office currently knows 24 "enemy lists". Welt and Tagesspiegel reported, citing security circles, that some of them were from left-wing extremists.

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