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Left-wing extremists in the Bundestag

BERLIN. At least twenty of the 69 parliamentarians in the Left parliamentary group are avowed supporters of organizations that are monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Three MPs are themselves subject to observation by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV). The reason for this is their proximity to the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), which is illegal in Germany, reported Welt.

The BfV identifies extremist structures within the Left Party, including the Anti-Capitalist Left, the Communist Platform, Marx21 and the Socialist Left. The latter names the abolition of the market economy as its goal. In order to achieve this, "the broadest possible alliances in the left-wing extremist spectrum" would be formed, as the constitution protection report notes. According to the findings of the domestic secret service, the Socialist Left currently has around a thousand members.

Former Marx21 woman elected party leader
According to BfV findings, there are at least 15 left-wing members of the Bundestag in this and other intra-party groups who have worked towards a “fundamental change in the system”.

The Trotskyist-oriented platform Marx21 is also said to have around a thousand members and, according to BfV findings, fight for the establishment of a “communist social order”. The left party leader elected last Saturday, the Hessian state parliament member and left parliamentary group leader Janine Wissler, was one of the supporters of Marx21. She was also a member of the Socialist Left. The CDU Hessen congratulated Wissler on her election as federal chairwoman. Its general secretary Manfred Pentz praised Wissler as a “polished speaker and charismatic personality”, but also called her a “self-confessed communist and Trotskyist”. Later, the press release with the congratulations could no longer be found on the website of the Hessen CDU.

Only when her candidacy for the party chairmanship was announced did the 39-year-old end her work for the groups without dissociating herself in terms of content. Wissler's mother was active in the German Communist Party (DKP) in the 1970s and later sympathized with the Greens.

Memberships in DKP apron organization
Other left-wing members of the Bundestag are members of the Association of Those Persecuted by the Nazi Regime - Association of Antifascists (VVN-BdA). The VVN-BdA is monitored in several federal states by the respective state offices for the protection of the constitution. The VVN-BdA was revoked its non-profit status in November 2019 . The Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution had previously described it as the “nationwide largest left-wing extremist organization in the field of anti-fascism”. Supporters of the VVN-BdA rejected all “non-Marxist systems - including parliamentary democracy - as potentially fascist”.

The North Rhine-Westphalian State Office sees the VVN-BdA as a left-wing extremist apron organization of the DKP. Until German reunification in 1990, the VVN-BdA was largely co-financed by the GDR.

Hessen General Secretary Manfred Pentz is meanwhile confronted with calls for his resignation because of his congratulations to Wissler. The CDU member of the Bundestag Michael von Abercron tweeted that the General Secretary was "completely unsuitable" for his office and a "blatantly wrong choice". He accused him of "ensnaring" left enemies of the constitution. The chairman of the Value Union, Alexander Mitsch, also called on Pentz to resign. With his congratulations “to the communist Wissler”, the general secretary “finally became intolerable”.

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