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One-take drone video of Minnesota bowling alley goes viral

A video shot by an FPV drone flying through a Minnesota bowling alley in one take has gone viral. The one-and-a-half-minute-long clip titled Right Up Our Alley was filmed in a single shot, albeit after 10-12 attempts. "I think there's some scepticism there of it being a true one-take. It is a true one-take. There's no CGI," said the video's director, Anthony Jaska. The sound was added in post-production as the buzzing from the drone's four blades make it impractical to use natural audio. The filmmakers said the goal of the video was to remind people of local businesses such as the bowling alley as public health measures from the coronavirus pandemic ease.

Sean Seefried Productions

This video appeared in a small news site and was not posted on YouTube. It probably deserves some wider exposure.

Link to original video ("Right up our Alley"):

Link to original article:
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