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Racists Who Died In Vain

Written by John (the other John).

In the history of England, there was the slow transition over a near 1,000 year period from a Kingdom ruled by King and Queen, to a country ruled by an elected Parliament. During this near 1,000 year period, there was much conflict and there was Civil War, which resulted in the death of many people in this time period. The point of this warfare was to take away power from an unelected unaccountable Monarch and instead to give it to an elected accountable Parliament. Those people who fought on behalf of the people and for Parliament are heroes.

Today in 2021, we are living in an era that began in the 1800s when the power of the Monarch has become mostly a ceremonial role, and all the government power lies with the Parliament. With this balance, the Monarchy makes no public statements of political preference or political views, so they would have the image of neutrality. Any public political statements by the Monarchy may be interpreted as an attempt to usurp powers that were given to Parliament after a compromise due to conflict and wars, for which if the Monarchy usurps back this power then our heroes who fought for Parliament powers would have died in vain. But there is no fear of this because the Monarchy and Parliament (and thus the British public) have been living together in harmony for nearly two centuries.

Enter Meghan Markle. She was a successful actress (bullshit) who is an independent woman with a public opinion. But then she met Crazy Harry (and f’kd the $hit out of him) and he fell under her spell and they got married. So as part of the Royal Family after the marriage, she was bound to the protocol to not express public opinions on political issues. But when you are a rube who joined the Royal Family (sort of like the Beverly Hillbillies moving to Beverly Hills), then following proper etiquette is interpreted as being adversarial. So Markle did not appreciate being told to follow proper decorum, so she protested this tradition that prevented further Civil Wars and the deaths of an immeasurable number of Brits over a period of centuries.

But despite this history and tradition that made peace and saved lives, because Markle had to keep her big mouth shut, her only conclusion was/is that the Royal Family is “racist” (no other reason nor explanation), as are those historical Brits who fought against the Monarchy and for the Parliament (and people).
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